How to Write a Cold Email: 5 Best Working Examples

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how to write cold email

In online marketing field, many email campaigns fail in reaching the target reader or the required purpose. Sometimes it can happen simply because the marketer does not know how to write a cold email properly. Even the well-crafted at the first glance text can simply annoy the receiver. But it is not the reason to quit. Our goal here is to reach at least 10% opening rate at then we can consider calling our campaign successful. So what we need to think of on this matter?

How to Start a Cold Email: Recommendations for Beginner

In many cases, people simply start looking for templates and use them right after filling in the personalization lines. This is the wrong approach and will not have any impact on your business (for at least). However, even with ready-made templates, you can level up your chances for success if you will study this article. Here we have provided some recommendations that can improve your results and create more opportunities for your business growth.

Define Perfect Receiver of Your Cold Sales Email

In order to create your best cold email, you need to think of your target receiver and what you want to achieve by trying to contact the person. The more specific image you will create the more concise and meaningful your text will be. You will be able to select the proper language and approach. It helps you to focus on the particular prospects you really had a chance to have a deal with eventually. Here 3 steps to do so:

  • speak of their interests and needs from their point of view;
  • use their language;
  • adjust your offer to their activities and show how they can bring mutual benefits.

Getting Your Emails Opened

It is a well-known truth that the first thing the receiver sees when the cold sales email reaches the Inbox is the subject line. So it is obvious that the open rate depends on the quality of this element. It has to be attractive, a bit intriguing and coherent to the content. Here are some tips:

  • use the receiver’s name;
  • be specific;
  • minimize the “marketing” effect;
  • use questions if it is appropriate.

But mind the boundaries. There might be subject line variants that will definitely grab the person’s attention but are not appropriate for cold contact email. Also, the phrases like “bad news”, “Matter of life and death” (without a good reason to use them) can make the person think you have tricked him or her.

Getting a Response

After you have reached your first goal and your email is opened, now you need the receiver responds you properly. It depends both on your offer presentation and the questions or call-to-action. A person may read and close your letter if the purpose of it is not obvious. So add some questions, request the extra info about something, ask for the opinion or offer to set up a meeting.

The important thing here is to define how to start a cold email in order to make your message clear and relevant to the content as well as receiver’s interests.

One Cold Email = One Singular CTA (Call to action)

Every email is dedicated to the particular purpose. But do not overuse the CTA elements in order not to look pushy. Define the one main goal and create a proper call-to-action message. Make it simple to understand and to make. Here are some examples:

  • “Click here”;
  • “Please, inform if you are the right person I can discuss this issue with”;
  • “Tell me when you will have time for a brief meeting?”

Use something one: either reference to the required person, or setting up the meeting, but not both.

Make Your Emails Short and When You Can’t, at least Make Them Easy to Read

It may sound paradoxical, but short effective cold email requires more time than the long one. You need not only to collect the info you want to share, but also to make the message clear within a few sentences. In the business field, it is important to develop the skill to write short meaningful messages, as most receivers are busy and do not have time to read long letters with vague information. They want to get the point of it immediately. It can be achieved by relevant subject line and laconic message with a “bridge” to the further communication or collaboration.

However, if you really need to write much text, learn how to write a cold email with proper structure. Add titles and paragraphs so the receiver has an opportunity to look through it and find the most interesting parts.

The Power of Good Signatures

Do not underestimate this element of business email. In most cases, we add the contact info and some basic facts about our position or company we work in. But why not to use it as an extra marketing channel without making it look like one? You can add some links that relevant to the topic or share some interesting fact about your activity. The YouTube links are also allowed here.

Best Cold Emails Are Mobile Friendly

This is one of the tips that are important in any case of internet correspondence and has to be included in every how-to-send-cold-emails guide. And if you are about to start a cold emailing campaign, this is a must. Firstly, create the letter using smartphone suitable formats. Then test it on various devices and platforms to make sure everything is displayed correctly. The main point here is to write short and laconic.

Make it (look) personal

Despite the fact you may use templates or deliver the similar messages to the group of people, you need to avoid bright corporate designs while writing a cold email. You need to make the receiver feel like the email is meant to him or her personally. Beautiful digital messages with a lot of design elements may look like professional creation, however, such emails are considered as spam more often. At least they do not get that level of open and response rate as the personalized ones.

So your task here is to create the impression the email is hand-written and sent by a real person. Write the introduction from the first person. Sometimes the mark “Sent from my iPhone” may work. However, this trick is often overused in cold email examples, so not every receiver will consider it to be true.

After Writing a Cold Email Read It Out Loud

This rule is useful for any written content you use in your work. It may look good, but after reading it out loud you may notice some flaws. You may use too complicated sentences, too formal or informal phrases and so on. Or your message may sound aggressive or too indifferent. You may check whether your email is understandable and getting to the point. Also, you may ask somebody else to read your text and then use their opinion as a point for improvement.

Ready-to-use Cold Email Templates

As soon as you learn all tips explained above, you can use these samples of cold emails that work as templates to start your own campaign. You can eventually master your own variants and modifications in order to make your approach suitable for your audience and purposes.

Working Example #1

Subject line: [Catching topic like “Sales opportunities”, “Product management” and so on] at []

Hello [first name of the receiver],

My name is [name] and I work on business development at [Company name]. Recently we have launched a new platform that [remarkable feature – one phrase].

I am working on raising my educational level and according to your profile, you can help me in this, or at least connect me with the right person.

I would be glad to have a conversation with someone from [lead name] who is in charge of [activity that is relevant to your service or product].

If you are open to helping me, can we have a 15-minutes phone call on [particular date and time considering possible time zone difference] and talk about perks of [Company name] platform can improve your business? Or can you direct me to the person who I can discuss this topic with?

The help would be appreciated!



Working Example #2

Subject line: Who is responsible for [Catching topic like “Sales opportunities”, “Product management” and so on] at []?

Hello, [first name of the receiver],

I hope my email has not bothered you. Could you help me with finding the person who is responsible for [activity relevant to your service or product]?

Thanks for your attention,


Working Example #3

Subject line: Question about [Catching topic like “Sales opportunities”, “Product management” and so on]

Hello, [first name of the receiver],

My name is [name] and I’m working on [company name]. We cooperate with companies like [names] to [one-phase activity description].

[One line description of the unique benefit].

Could you send me to the person at [lead name] I can talk to about this? We can discover whether our possible collaboration can be fruitful and bring benefits to your organization?



Working Example #4

Subject line: Appropriate Person?

Hello, [first name of the receiver],

I do not want to bother you but I need your help. Could you please inform me who is in charge of [your customer’s pain point, or activities like sales or hiring] and how can I contact them?

Thank you,


Intro cold sales email template

Subject: [lead company name] + [your company name]

Hello, [first name of the receiver],

My name is [name] and I am from [company name].

We help [specific type of companies or organizations] collect and organize all of their client data securely in the cloud. I would like to display you how you can benefit from this option in your company and show our main advantages.

Can we have a brief phone conversation on [date, time]?



Final Words on Cold Email Writing

You may be overwhelmed with the number of tips and things to consider while working on cold email sales pitch. However, as long as you have learned everything properly, you can create a short checklist, based on this article, for your letters before you start using them. Moreover, our recommendations may stimulate your brain and help to develop your own tips that can be suitable for your business and prospecting only or for a wide range of cold emails.

The main point here is to take actions as soon as possible. The quicker you will implement new approaches and improvements into you work, the quicker you will be able to experience the positive results. Also remember, that in cold emailing there is not a magic sauce that works perfectly for any business or situation. Prepare to experiment and sort of different methods. This is the way to defining how to write a cold sales email, developing your own techniques and get results.

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