How to Write a Business Email with Attachments? Etiquette Rules

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Email is a tremendously convenient invention that allows sharing not only text content but also various attachments. We cannot underestimate its importance in our life. However, in email marketing and formal correspondence, it is important to follow so-called business email attachment etiquette. Why? Because there are numerous issues connected with sending files via emails.

Today people are aware of potential dangers, so they are very cautious when it comes to opening such letters (without mentioning downloading anything from them). Spammers and ill-wishers can distribute in this way viruses, spy programs and other unwelcomed software that can put in danger the safety of your data. That is why if you do not have previous successful and safe correspondence, there are a few chances your email with attached files will be opened.

How to Write a Business Email with Attachments: Rules

It may sound hopeless to send attachments without any bad intentions. However, there are some recommendations and tips that will help you to share some useful files without making your receivers worry. There is no guarantee that your approach will be approved though. But sticking to the following rules you will look less like spammer or scammer and will raise your chances to gain trust.

  1. The first thing you need to think about is the necessity of the attachments you want to send. Make sure that the content of the file is worth creating a separate document for it. Usually, this is about Word docs when the textual information (even table) can be provided in the body.
  2. Check whether your receiver accept getting any attachments. Define the proper format as well. For instance, you can decide to zip your file to reduce the size, but the person may not be able to open it due to the absence of the special tools. Consider this.
  3. Give the relevant names to the files. Do not make the person guess what is inside. At least provide the description in the subject line and the body to make sure your delivery will be noticed and accepted. Moreover, naming is important when you send more than one attachment.
  4. Avoid adding too many files. Usually, when there are more than three of them, it is excessive. So it would be better to consider the following:
  • Is it necessary to add all these files?
  • Can you put them in the zip-file at least?
  • Isn’t it more convenient to share some photos or videos via media-sharing services?
  1. Follow up your message to explain your previous email. This can help you in case your previous letter with attachments got into the spam folder. The receiver will be notified about your letter and will more likely check the inbox or spam folder.
  2. To avoid sending “empty” emails, make a habit to add files at the very beginning as soon as you open the page with letter form. After downloading everything you can move to the text part. This approach will protect you from many confusing or embarrassing situations.
  3. While using some rare file formats, make sure the person has the required software. At least be polite and inform about the need of the specific programs for reading the document etc. If it is possible, add a safe link where it is possible to download it.
  4. Every guide on how to write a business email with attachments will recommend you to choose to the established formats. Make them simpler if it is possible. For instance, almost every computer today will be able to read *TXT or *HTM(L) formats. And files with *doc extension will be easier to open than *docx (for those, who have Word bellow 2007 version).
  5. Pay attention to the size of attachments and the email in general. The “heavier” your letter is, the slower it will move to the recipient. The ultimate recommendation is to set a limit to 6MB-files, maybe 10, but it is top.
  6. A great substitution is the Google Docs service. It is safe as there is no need to download or upload anything. You just provide the link, which usually trustworthy and do not make people worry about viruses. Moreover, the multiple accesses to the content make it possible to collaborate on the same project in one place, what is very convenient.

Subject and Body of a Business Email with Attachments

In order your file reaches the target receiver, you need to compose your letter in the right way. Including the mentioned tips, you need to make it clear to the receiver what and why you send. First important part is the subject line and the second one is the body. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

As we already said, you need to inform your receiver about attachments inside the letter. Otherwise, people unlikely will open it. The best way to do so is to compose the proper subject line. This is the first thing the person sees receiving your email and you need to make the best of it. Make sure it reflects the fact you deliver some attachments. In this case, you can skip the description of the letter body.

For instance, you can write something like this:

  • Subject line: Report, 2018 Convention
  • Subject line: List of Participants for the Conference

Speaking of the body of your letter, make it short and clear. Your main task here is to inform the receiver about files inside. If it is possible, use only sentences described the content. In other cases highlight the part where you warn about files attached. Moreover, you should add some text to the body anyway. It may look rude when you send an attachment without any explanation (even if it is the only reason you sent that message).

It is possible to write something like:

  • You will find my CV in the attachments section.
  • I have attached the required reports to this email.

Follow Business Email Attachment Etiquette: Build Trustworthy Relationships

You need to remember that business communication differs from the friendly one. While you can send numerous files to your friends, your clients, subscribers or partners may not like this approach in general. But if you still want to add some business email attachment, you need to earn their trust first. Previous communication and quality service will enhance your reputation and it’s useful anyway.

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