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Starting your own company, service or production you need to be aware of the options for simplifying some working processes. So today we will talk about business tools for small business that are aimed at helping you with some aspects that can be delegated to the programs and algorithms.

Why have we selected this topic today? But not every businessman is aware of useful programs and services what leads to the problems and complications in their work. Online tools are not the ultimate helpers and they do not provide any guarantees for your success. However, the proper use of them can make your life easier, production processes and staff more organized and many more.

Typical Problems of Small Businesses

Let’s take a quick look at some common issues that almost every startup faces today. The thing is that they all are in relatively same position when starting an online business and many companies today have pretty the same organization type. Of course, there are unique cases and individual problems for each of them. Still, you cannot argue that the following list sounds familiar:

  • Troubles with cash flow management.
  • Tiredness due to the small staff and plenty of issues to deal with.
  • Finding the target buyers and their engagement.
  • Motivating employees and organizing the teamwork.
  • Payment issues.
  • Keeping up with trends and needs of the target market.

Sure, some mentioned troubles are less troubling to solve, others require more efforts. However, it is possible to enhance the productivity of your company and exclude some issues by applying the proper tools for small business to monitor, manage, and automate some processes. We have collected TOP-10 online “helpers” for you to start using right now.

Best Online Business Tools Available for Everyone

Our list is divided into groups to specify the main principle and to point out the process you can delegate or automate. We have selected 10 tools we have tested. Feel free to replace some of them with the alternatives you like more. However, you can trust our choice, so let’s go to discover what best marketing tools for small business.

Collaboration Tools

Google Drive. Here you and your co-workers can keep, edit or share documents and files required for your sales activity. This cloud-based place is ideal for such purposes. Moreover, it is possible here create files like docs, sheets or slides inside the service. The most significant perk for startups is that Google Drive is completely free, without any significant limitations.

Trello. In the majority of reviews, this app project managing is called #1 among the similar “helpers”. Basically, this is a virtual board with cards where you can display tasks on the particular project or activity. With this collaboration tool for small business owners and employees, you will be able to set, discuss and control the fulfillment of the tasks. Among the perks of Trello, we can highlight the simplicity and user-friendliness. The system of marks, tags and deadline notifications help to stay organized and free your brain from remembering everything. Trello will do it for you.

Small Business Customer Outreach

  1. SurveyMonkey. This survey tool is useful for collecting info about your customers, their reactions to your product or service, their needs or thoughts on your business in general. Why is it important? Your activity must be aimed at the particular consumer and such an approach will help you to identify the happy buyer and to keep up with the relevant trends. With such best tools for small business, you also can detect unhappy customers and fix what is wrong.
  2. Vidyard GoVideo. This is a video platform useful for making your customer outreach more creative. Video content can be a good approach for informing your customers and prospects about your company and services or products you provide. This tool is free and offers plenty of option for content creation and sharing.

Tools for Graphic Design

  1. Canva. This service is among the best online business tools and is used by plenty of small companies every day as this service offers various options considering graphic design. It can be helpful in creation online promotion materials, medial posts and cards. Moreover, you can create flyers, brochures and other templates for the further printing and distributing them in real life. Also, you can ease your life thanks to the tons of ready-made samples you can use for free. Just customize them, add relevant content and everything is ready.

Customer Relation Management (CRM) Online Tools for Small Business

  1. Salesmate. This is CRM software that is popular among small companies and is useful in sales processes automation. Templates offered there are good for saving your time in combination with automatic data input and filling in the customer profile. You will stay organized in any case with the assistance of this Salesmate.

Tools for Emailing and Marketing

  1. Remail. Email management service is a must-have for companies-beginners if they want to grow and widen their audience fast. So Remail is the affordable and convenient variant for communicating with your leads, prospects, and customers. The service can be used for cold emailing and for further maintaining the awareness of your brand and engaging the customers.

Tools for Social Media Managing

  1. Buffer. Among online sales tools, you need the one which helps to synchronize all the social media pages and maintain the equal level of activity on each of them. We all understand the importance of promoting the company via socials as well and keep up with the upcoming trends. So use Buffer to fulfill this task. The free version offers Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter integration while you can upgrade to the paid version and get access to the Instagram and Pinterest pages.

Content Management Tools

  1. WordPress. This is an old and time-tested and for some experts the best small business tool for content management that helps in building websites and pages. Here you will find easy and reliable options for site creation and management. Moreover, in the case of some troubles with the usage of this tool, you will quickly find the solution to your issue thanks to the wide user community.

Security Tools

  1. CyberGhost. If you worry about the security of the website, you can implement the Virtual Private Network, also known as VPN. CyberGhost offers such a service and allows conducting a safe online activity and eliminates the number of potential dangers. It provides a good connection and a high level of security. There is a free trial, but then you can select the most suitable and affordable payment plan.

Do Not Underestimate the Importance of Online Tools

You might be a good businessman and control every aspect of your work and employees. However, you cannot argue that having too much on your plate can eventually decrease your effectiveness. Delegate working responsibilities to the listed above small business online tools and avoid such consequences. Yes, some of them may require additional money spending. But at the end of the day, you will see your own productivity and the productivity of your company in general will grow. And this is the definite sign you are on the right path.

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