Terms of Service

Last updated: 19 June 2017

This page explains and regulates the relationships of you and Remail. It includes any activity that takes place on the Remail and its domains. The activities include downloading, installing, buying Remail assistance or software (documentations, improvements, and updates), any other possible assistance or info from Remail.

These rules are the obligatory regulations of in-service activity and must be followed. The statements may be altered or completed occasionally. In such cases, we will notify you about updates to the service rules. It is your obligation to follow such updates and stay aware of the latest changes. Being updated, the new variant of Terms will replace the previous one. As soon as the changes will be announced, you will have to get familiar with up-to-date info and accept the new issues. After this, you will be allowed to keep applying Remail. We proclaim that our Remail can be terminated from time to time suspended or modified in general or local aspects. We also keep the right to erase any content you may store at the Service.

Along with Privacy Policy, this file creates the set of regulations of the collaboration of you and Remail. Applying Remail, you inform us that you are competent according to the existing laws by accepting this agreement.

You are allowed to use Remail service only in case you are legally empowered to create a contract with Remail. In case you are using Remail under your employer control, accepting this agreement you show that this action is deemed by your working contract of you and your boss collaboration and you are working on his or her behalf. Be aware of the fact that Remail has all rights to alter these terms anytime. The last updated version will be placed on the site and marked with the mentioned data. If you keep using the service, you show you accept all the changes and agree to follow them. In case you do not agree with any of the new points, you are not allowed to keep working with Remail.

We do not allow using our service to our direct competitors except the cases of the previous personal agreement. Moreover, Remail service cannot be used for monitoring and benchmarking purposes concerning our competitors and similar activities.

Your Remail account

Remail service can be used only for legal business purposes that are allowed by our terms, laws, and regulations. The full responsibility for activities in your account or with its participation along with possible consequences lays on you. Using Remail, you promise to avoid any activities that violate existing rules and laws and do not make any attempts that will have offensive of unlawful character or will endanger somebody’s private life.

It is under your complete responsibility to control the level of safety concerning your personal account. You are forbidden to apply Remail account for spamming activity. Remail does not answer for cases of content and security troubles that may be caused by such actions mentioned above. Service does not hold the responsibility like this, and you will be the one who will answer for all the possible consequences. You are answerable for all actions you commit while using your profile or in connection with it. You ought to inform Remail at once in case you notice any unwelcomed usage and any security flaws.

Your data

This term refers to any content or data that is stored sent or received using the Service concerning you and your target person. This material may include emails, files, comments and any other text or media content that are transmitted via Remail.

You will require another email (not from the Remail service) to use Remail functions. It is needed for granting particular rights respecting your data. Accepting this set of rules and using the service you give us the permission to get access to your account to provide you with emailing service and check your sent letters or replies. The complete ownership of this data is yours, so we do not claim to have any rights for obtaining your data.

Also, we will need to store your data on Remail servers to enable its functions. It will be necessary for displaying info to your teammates, making indexation for searching option and creating backup savings for data loss preventing measures. As soon as you accept this list of regulations, you empowered us to provide the mentioned activity and supply you with the decent level of service. Via this, you also give your permission to us to use other technologies (for example, Microsoft Azure Services) for any managing or administration necessities of the Remail. We save the rights to control the activities of the third-party software and services within Remail service.

It is under your responsibility what quality your communication and content have within Remail service. For instance, you are ought to check by yourself and comply your ability to accept the mentioned Terms. Make sure that this action will not violate any other rules, laws or human rights. You need to watch by yourself whether there is any case of unauthorized access or appliance of the service. We ask you to inform our Supporting service about any similar occasions. You also take all the responsibility of your other users’ compliance with mentioned regulations.

It is beyond Remail obligation to investigate the kind of your data and define whether it is accurate, competent, appropriate, safe and legal. We do not investigate these aspects, and they are completely under your control and responsibility.

Confirming these Terms you display you’re accepting the following:

  1. You will not apply Remail service for sending unwanted commercial messages that are considered as spam according to CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 or any other documentation.
  2. You get that you are the single sender (according to the Act mentioned above) of the Remail profile and you take full responsibility for its usage.
  3. You allowed using the Service only for conducting lawful activities and business.
  4. Within the Remail service, you will use only your emailing list where all participants will confirm they allowed you to send them emails. You will avoid using the service for any unwelcomed emailing activities and will not involve in it other mailing lists.
  5. You get the possibility that not every message sent via Remail may reach the target receiver due to various causes.
  6. The line where you should specify the sender of the email must contain accurate info that will display what company you work for, what you offer what is your primary activity.
  7. The “subject” line you will fill by the purpose of your letter and will not use types of content that may offense or mislead the receiver.
  8. If the law requires it, you need to specify in the letter your physical address (post office box, actual location or similar) and other contact data that enables the receiver to use various ways of communication.
  9. Remail is not the place for storing and distributing the content that violates other parties’ rights, copyrights, trademarks and other attributes. You will not use Remail for storing and sending images or other documents that will be of the offensive or illegal content and in any way violate the existing rules and laws of our country.

You are a single person who holds all the responsibility for the actions (good or bad) that may take place within your account, and you are the one who should take care of the security aspects like a password. In its turn, Remail announces that none of its workers holds any responsibility for activities that does not correlate with any technical aspect. And we cannot be blamed for any possible unwanted consequences of such activities.

Data sharing

By default, all data kept in your Remail account is visible only to you. None of other users have access to your private content. However, if you will alter the privacy setting, you will be enabled to share some data with other users. We do not take responsibility for results of this type of sharing. So we firmly insist on your careful selection of the people you share any info with.

We are answered for supplying a technical aspect of your data security applying our specialized instruments and algorithms without violation of thoughts of this file. But we cannot provide you full guarantee your content will not be safe and protected from theft, unwelcomed interaction or usage, revealing or damaging as these events may happen without our fault. You must admit that the main person responsible for data safety is you. Pay attention to the quality of used internet connection while applying Remail service. Avoid unsafe networks while sending or somehow transmitting any valuable data or its backing-up. It is your obligation to create a safe password, protect it in secret, restrict the availability of your PC or profile, and remember to sign out if you use other PC or other people may get access to it.

Renouncement of guarantees

You must acknowledge all possible risks of using the Remail service. Our site and content displayed or transmitted through it keep its original form. We along with our suppliers and partners renounce any guarantees that the content you receive will be safe and according to the existing regulations. We provide no ensures that the data you may somehow get using Remail will be accurate, competent useful and according to your point of view. All the content you will receive according to your decision may lead to some risks. You must understand this and do not demand any compensation from the Remail in the case of unsatisfactory results. You, the only person who makes a decision to open or download any materials from the internet including while using Remail. So in the case of any destructive consequences that may affect your computer, stored data or private info you are the one to blame. None of any written or oral information, advice or announcement you may somehow get from us does have any legal power unless it is mentioned in this document. In some countries and states, the renouncement of guarantees is forbidden so our terms and regulations may differ considering the state we conducting our activities.

Your responsibilities

Any content or data you may receive or distribute using Remail service can have copyrights and protection of unsolicited usage. That is why you are not allowed to copy, save or share any texts, files, images and so on unless you have legal rights to do so. In the case of such activity, Remail will not be responsible for such actions, and you are the one who will answer for illegal activity. Along with respecting work and rights of other people, you are forbidden to upload and use any spying or spam software that may violate other people privacy and disturb them.

You have full responsibility for keeping safe and complete Your Data stored within Remail service. We do not take any liability for any data loss or damage, and we are not liable for any possible money spends that may be required for restoring lost elements.

Inform our supporting team about cases of any unreasonable data changes and maintain the accurate information in your profile. We do not work with people who are under 18. As long as you press the “Agree” button, you admit that you are legally grown-up and can use the Remail service.

Using Remail properly you will not be involved in any illegal or unwelcome activities according to the stated conditions. You promise to protect Remail from such kind of influence. And you cannot present any claims considering this issue to the Remail and its authorities.

You have to complete all the payments required by the Remail service according to the pricing of the chosen package while filling in the Order form. Our payments do not contain any taxes that may occur in other services’ fees and so on. You must pay taxes according to the requirements of your purchases. You confirm your understanding of the absence of correlation between your purchase and its delivery or the performance of any possible functions.

Violation of copyrights and DMCA Policy

In cases, you detect that Remail contains or distribute any content that is any kind if the infringement of your or other party copyrights – inform us about this unpleasant situations immediately.

Deleting your account

Our users have right to terminate their usage of Remail anytime they decide to. In our turn, we warn you about our right to restrict your access to the service entirely or partially with or without reason or informing you about our decision. We can do such actions without limitations in case we decided your activity within Remail does not fit our regulations mentioned in this document. The reason may be your actions that can infringe Remail Service performance of usage of it by other participants, damage our or other party reputation and any other unwanted consequences. In cases we notice some mentioned above activities, we will try to inform you about our intentions to provide you with a chance to save or restore your valuable data. However, in cases of grave violations of the existing rules ( a serious threat to Remail or other people), we keep our right to terminate your activity momentously. As a result, you will have no longer access to the service and stored data.


You are obligated to protect Remail and its participants from any claims, dangers and financial losses like lawyer’s or court fees which may be caused by the usage of the copyrighted content or impermissible usage of the service that can violate the terms or Remail and any local regulations. In our turn, we protect our users from any possible claims, dangers and financial losses like lawyer’s or court fees which may be caused by misinterpreted actions and mistakes of other services or other parties.

Liability Limitations

To the maximum extent allowed by law Remail and its affiliated companies and partners or other organizations which may be conducting business with us do not take responsibility for any side, intended, by-chance, punishing and other possible types of financial losses without dependence on the legal conclusion, presence of notification about compensation and even in case of remedy failure. We do not take liability also for the cases where the cost of compensation exceeds $20 or the amount of money you have paid for the service usage during last three months.


The existing agreement represents the actual complete regulation of relationships between you and Remail taking into consideration the subject matter of original agreement that can be altered only in written form controlled by Remail authorities or via publication of the updated version.

Excluding the cases when current laws are working, if it is a case, the actual agreement access or usage of the site is regulated by legislation of British Columbia, Canada in cases when it does not violates legislation of provisions and the decent place for holding arguments is available, the court activities will take place in Vancouver, Canada. Excluding the cases when claims court or justifying compensation concerning fact of intellectual property (reviewed in any decent court without creating bonds), any argument appeared concerning this Agreement must be regulated following Comprehensive Arbitration Rules of the Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Service, Inc. (“JAMS”) with participation of 3 arbitrators chosen according to these Rules. The process must take place in Vancouver, Canada in English and the conclusion will be acceptable in any court. The leading participant of any stage of the Agreement will pay all juridical and civil costs.

In case any part of Agreement will not be considered as enforceable, it has to be reviewed by the first intentions of the sides, but other parts will be working. The renouncement of any part of Agreement by any of the participants does not renounce the further infringement of set of rules.

You have no right to pass your rights to the current Agreement to another party without written assignment. Remail has such right without any specific explanations. The Agreement will be empowered on both sides benefits’’ behalf.

Remail Anti-spam Preconditions

It is important for us as a company that provides email service to pay great attention to the spam laws and regulations for our own as well as your safety. Spam spoils the level of accessibility, but we are aimed at providing our users with the ability to reach their target audience as soon and often as they need. We have created a list of rules that are obligatory to follow in any territory. Some countries may have prolonged list of such preconditions.

Below you can learn about anti-spam documentation and legislation of various countries and study our general rules concerning this matter and maintaining service’s functioning.

General Requirements

  1. Confirm your agreement to Terms of Service.
  2. It is recommended to add opt-out button or link to your email samples and work on outreaching new participants of your campaign.
  3. Add extra contact info to your emails promotions* (besides the actual email address) like physical address, post office box and other way people can send you letters or other content and things.* Email promotions usually mean messages with minimum texts and more images called to inform receivers about special offers, discounts, motivate addresses to buy something or commit other required action.
  4. Pay attention to the accuracy of your contact data.
  5. If you continuously apply CRM platform or any integrated service, you have to follow their terms of service as well along with described in this file.
  6. We insist on your checking of compliance your emailing activity with US CAN-SPAM Act. Violation of these rules may cause serious fine in the size of hundreds and thousands of dollars multiplying to the number of receivers you have tries to reach to.
  7. Along with general US anti-spam rules, you must be aware of any possible specific rules of other countries you may conduct your business in. So in case you from the US send an email to EU recipient, check the European laws on this matter.

International requirements (For each country)

Below you will learn what SPAM regulations available outside the United States.


Spam Act 2003, Act No. 129 of 2003 as amended.


Telecommunications Act 2003.


Commission de la protection de la vie privée, Le spam en Belgique Etat des lieux en juillet 2003, July 4, 2003.


Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL).


Measures for Administration of E-Mail Service on Internet (2006)
(Unofficial English Translation)


Section 06 of the Regulation of Electronic Communications and Postal Services Law of 2004 (Law 12 (I) / 2004 deals with unsolicited communications (spam).

Czech Republic

Act No. 480/2004 Coll., on Certain Information Society Services.


Information Society Service Act.



The EU body that addresses spam is The Contact Network of Spam Enforcement Authorities (CNSA).

This document works independently considering every single case. So check how it works concerning your own country.


CNIL Guidelines on email marketing.


Art. 7 German Unfair Competition Law (Gesetz gegen Unlauteren Wettbewerb) (UWG)

Art. 202a, 263, 303a, 303b of the German Criminal Code Art. 6 of the German Law regarding Information Society Services Art. 28 Par. 4 of the German Data Protection Act.


Information Technology Act of 2000.


Here in Italy, we have found the most complicated and strict regulations with the even danger of being imprisoned for spam activity. So if you decided to work with Italian audience, check the following links:

Personal Data Protection Code (legislative decree no. 196/2003)
DL 196/2003 Personal Data Protection Code.


Dutch law requires very explicit permission and heavily protects data and privacy.

New Zealand

The Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007. The Department of Internal Affairs provides detailed guidelines on the anti-spam laws.

South Africa

Regulation of Spam in South Africa – South African Law.


Swedish Marketing Act (Swedish Code of Statutes, SFS 1995:450).

Personal Data Act (Swedish Code of Statutes, SFS 1998:204), in so far as spam activities involve processing of personal data.



If you are sending to a country, not on this list, please inform our support and they will look into updating this page.

If any of the preceding requirements is not met we reserve the right to suspend any campaign or account without warning.