How to Run an Effective Email Marketing Campaign? Creative Tips & TOP-10 of Best Examples

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Both small and large businesses are always in search of an efficient way to promote their products or services to the target audience. This is the right task for an email marketing campaign. It means you deliver a series of emails to set a contact with potential customers. Such approach can be used for promoting your recently opened business or the new features and offers of the well-established one. In both cases, this is how you can persuade the receivers to engage with your brand, buy products, ordering services and so on. For business, it means growing and increasing revenue.

Crucial Elements of Email Marketing Campaigns

Both professionals and starters will get benefits of reminding these 9 crucial elements of every marketing campaign. In order to make your campaigns successful, you need to optimize each of them. Adjust every component to the content and the purpose of every email you send.

  1. Subject Line

It helps to grab the receiver’s attention as it is the first part of the email the person sees when gets it. Subject line motivates the reader to open the letter. So it has to be relevant to the interests and pain points of your audience. Personalization elements work as well. It can be personal or the company name. Add actionable lines if appropriate.

  1. Sender’s Name

Along with subject line, this is another eye-catching element for the receiver in your email. According to the most successful email marketing campaigns’ results, the proper approach here allows building trustful relationships with your subscribers and maintaining your open rates as well. If possible, use the actual name of the person in this line and add the signature in the end. It makes the receiver feel he or she communicates with a person, not the automated messenger.

  1. Personalization

It means much more than just adding receiver’s name. You need to take into account other elements like location, age, occupation and other interests. This information is often provided on the social media accounts so there is nothing stalking in this approach. Customized emails show better results compared with mass ones.

  1. Body Text

It is not a rocket science and every guide on how to run an email marketing campaign highlights that in optimizing email in general great importance lies in the body itself. You need to choose:

  • the proper language;
  • the level of formality;
  • the layout.

All are required in order to make readers feel reading your email is not a waste of time. The text needs to be relevant to your offer (obviously) and show its value to the person. Mention the pain points of your audience and show the relevance of your message.

  1. Images

They help to make your letters more pleasant and easy to read. Despite the fact that plain texts still work sometimes, emails with images get more readers’ attention. Visualization and the graphics support of the message help to process it better. All you need is to create a relevant picture. If you want to have creative email marketing campaigns, avoid using stock photos; they do not have “souls”. It can either be the simple logo of your company of a funny pic that, for instance, describes perks of your offer.

  1. Call-to-Action

The task of every marketing email is to make readers convert. How to send such letters? This is achieved with the help of call-to-action part. The main purpose of optimizing your email is to get the conversion of your subscribers. Define the proper action of your readers. Create a button or a link and make it clearly visible. Use the action-oriented text like “register”, “download”, “join” and so on.

  1. Social Sharing Links

For effective email marketing campaigns make it easier for your readers to share the content they like on their social network profile. Add links to the popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. It will help you to widen your database and generate leads.

  1. Unsubscribe Link

This feature helps to decrease your spam complaint rates. Moreover, in most countries, marketers must add an unsubscribe link to their emails according to the law. It is important to make this button or link visible. You can lead the subscriber to special unsubscribe page where you ask for feedback or remind about perks of your subscription.

  1. Mobile Optimization

Make sure that you chose the right font size. Mobile devices’ screens display information in a different way. Also, many emails are opened on rode so the person uses the mobile traffic. So creating your letter, optimize templates and test them on various devices.

Extra Tips Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

  • Build your subscriber list

Even when you have a big list of subscribers, you need constantly work on its growing and maintaining. Add sign up option on your website, blog and another place. Make it visible without covering the main information.

  • Encourage readers to reply

Do not waste time on just delivering informational messages. Create a base for the meaningful conversation. It can be done with the help of these tools:

  • catching subject lines;
  • entertaining and understandable tone;
  • content targeting.


  • Keep your emails out of spam folders

No matter how well-tailored your email is, if it is in spam folder it will never reach its goal. For best email marketing campaigns, the first thing you need to check considering this matter is whether your subscribers have really opted into your newsletters. Do not use caps and a lot of exclamation marks to avoid filters. Make sure the text is well formatted.

  • Make your emails clean, structured and crisp

Even now we may face amateur-like texts that can spoil the impression even of the good subject line. Use paragraphs with keywords to structure your text. Make markers for the bullet points. Be careful with images.

  • Test, test, test

Knowing what email marketing campaign is, you must understand the importance of double-checking. Deliver them to different mail provider accounts and make sure everything looks the way it has to. Try using different subject lines and other elements during A/B testing. Compare results to build your own strategies.

  • Don’t overwhelm your subscribers

As soon as you see the positive results of testing and data tracking, you may want to start sending even more emails. But be aware of the frequency of your letters. When the reader receives too many letters from the one sender, it can be annoying and lead to unsubscription.

  • Above all else, provide value

Deliver materials relevant to your audience. If you look for advice on how to create email marketing campaign, consider that the message should be educational, operational or marketing ones considering your business and product. In another case when there is no any important information, it will be deleted.

10 Top Email Marketing Campaigns

These samples were adopted from the HubSpot selections. We have picked the ones we like as well.

  1. PayPal.

Clever short opening that correlates with the main concept. It shows the perks of using the service. The reader imagines the situation where it would be useful. Such approach is very powerful in gaining the interest of the potential user.

  1. Uber.

Every Uber’s example is simple. However, it is among the bests. This example shows the clever text and design. The description is short and is connected to call-to-action part. This is wise as some readers just skim the text. More detailed information is added below, so the ones who are interested are always can get to know more. Speaking of the design, every element follows the same set of color and geometric patterns.

  1. Birchbox.

The subject line of this was “We Forgot Something in Your February Box!” Sure, this was just a trick to get the attention, but it worked. However, the Birchbox offered discount code as a part of the promotional campaign for a dress rental company.

  1. Dropbox.

This company has nailed it in attracting the users who have not been using this service for a long time but still have an account. This is a cute and funny email marketing campaign strategy that helps to display the main point. It is not pushy, but a short reminder of the helpful features of the brand that the reader might appreciate.

  1. Cook Smarts.

This company delivers various recipes as a meal plan weekly. The email itself is divided into three sections with the menu, kitchen how-to’s and some tips. So the subscribers after a few received letters will definitely know where to hide the required info. Also, it has call-to-action icons for sharing with friends and family.

  1. RunKeeper.

Another good example for re-engaging lost users. This informational letter tells about recent changes and improvements to their app in order to persuade the reader to try it again. Look at the inclusion and closing. They sound friendly and minimize aggressive impression.

  1. Loft.

This email is aimed at more quality personification of the content the particular receiver gets. Loft offers to update your preferences and get emails you will be actually interested to open. Such approach makes people feel the carrying attitude from the company that their likes and interests matter.

  1. Paperless Post.

When it comes to holiday emailing, do not focus just on Christmas. There are plenty of opportunities to base your campaign on other special days. For instance, Paperless Post has many examples of successful email marketing campaigns. Like the one dedicated to the Mother’s day. It serves as a reminder and touches reader’s feelings making think “I did not forget to buy a card, did I?”

  1. JetBlue.

This is a great example of how to write an email that helps to maintain the relationships with your subscribers. It is creative, friendly and meaningful. Firstly reader gets the reminder that there is a company like this. Then the person reads the idea of planning the vacation. The letter ends with a joke and a call-to-action button. It is both promotional and unobtrusive.

  1. HireVue.

It is not about how to start an email marketing campaign, but how to “end” it. This is automated email for inactive readers with the offer to unsubscribe. The subject line has contained such phrase “…we thought we’d give you a chance to rethink things”. And it really makes you think that maybe you have missed some reasons to stay. Call-to-action button helps to decide what to do next.

Why You Need to Study Email Marketing Campaigns Examples?

Like any other business activities, you need to be hard-working and patient at the same time if you want to reach the success in your campaign. It requires a combination of creating a good plan, analyzing data and improving the imperfect elements. Of course, you need to learn basic tips on how to do an email marketing campaign first. However, you need to do learning simultaneously with campaigning in order to implement and test the recommendations and approaches. Also, you need to keep up with current trends and remark great examples of other companies in order to equate to them.

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