Prospecting Emails That Work: Guide with Examples

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You do not want to be a spammer so you are in search of the legal and effective ways of obtaining prospects. It may be hard for a marketer to collect the database and then turn leads and prospects into real customers. Some people think that sending out tons of emails will eventually bring them the required results. But we know that such an approach cannot lead to the long-term success. You need to compose 
prospecting emails and design the whole strategy for setting the communication with a person. Today we will teach you how to do it right.

Email Prospecting Terminology You Should Be Aware of

To understand the processes we are going to talk later, you need to make sure you know the email prospecting basics. That is why let’s define some terms you should understand and differentiate.

First one is ‘Prospecting’. This is a term which defines the actions aimed at searching for and collecting the emails of the potential clients that are required for your business. This process is the starting point of turning the cold database into the loyal customers that will bring benefits to your company.

Secondly, we need to know the difference between ‘lead’ and ‘prospect’. They are both mean potential customers. Lead can be any person, who has shown the interest in your service, product or business in general, for instance, visiting your site. Leads are turned into prospects when they align with a description of your target client.

What Sales Email Prospecting Techniques We Know?

Marketing industry evolving, but there are two basic techniques remain the same:

cold email prospecting (outbound);

– warm prospecting (inbound).

The best thing about the modern approaches is that the salesperson does not have to choose one, but mix them and use each of them when it is appropriate. But you should remember the difference.

Outbound or cold, outreach means unsolicited attempt to sell service or product. Considering emailing, it means you did not have any previous direct communication with the person.

Warm email prospecting means you have had any kind of interaction with a person you can refer to. Now you have reasons to try to sell something or simply set the communication for future collaboration.

Tips for Effective Prospecting Emails

Before starting using the following email prospecting templates or creating your own, you need to check the next points:

  1. Define a good reason for reaching out. Ask yourself, whether you reaching out activity is compelling? Does the receiver correlate with your perfect customer description? Is your offer valuable to the person?
  2. Add some sense of urgency. This will help to stimulate the target receiver to pay more attention to your email as they will be attracted by the recent events, pain points etc.
  3. Provide a call-to-action part. Sales prospecting email examples cannot work without it. Every email must contain the element of following actions that are aimed at your mutually beneficial collaboration with the person.

Also, you can use the following recommendations to customize the given templates or for creating your own email samples:

– make a reference about something that you know about the prospect;

– avoid using “I” and “we”, but talk about the receiver using “you”;

– provide the offer that correlates with prospect’s need and pain points;

– ask open questions to show your genuine interest in the person’s opinion;

– remember, that your main task here is to get a response and set the connection – do not sell in the first email;

– if needed, provide a simple request, that will be easy to fulfill;

– be laconic;

– end the email with the question if you want to continue the communication.

Email Prospecting Templates That Work

Now we can move forward to the prospecting email samples that can be used in your prospecting. Each of them is unique and dedicated to the particular reason for your reaching out.

  1. Referring to the company event.

Subject line: Congratulations! Do you consider [value for the prospect’s business]?

Hello, [Name],

As I work in [industry], I keep up with all the important news. So I’ve heard about [event, achievement]. Congratulations!

In most cases, when companies reach this level, they become interested in [valuable offer]. So it might be useful for you to learn more about how our company has helped [other company] on their way to the [next level achievement].

If you find it interesting, we can book a phone call or set up a short meeting. Do you have free time on [date, time]?

Best wishes,


  1. Mentioning a mutual connection in the best prospecting emails.

Subject line: [Reference] recommended getting in touch with you

Hello, [Name],

[Reference] recommended getting in touch with you. We know each other as we work [on the same project/in the same company]. So I get an idea to invite you to our team for [position/opportunity]. We think you will be perfect for it.

Our [product/service] are welcomed on the target market so there are real opportunities for you and us to widen our production.

Are you interested in catching this chance?



  1. Effective prospecting emails share useful advice.

Subject line: We can help each other in [goal/plans]

Hey, [Name],

I have experience in working with [companies, professionals, etc.] and noticed that most of them face [problem]. The last few years we have been working on helping companies in overcoming such problems. The results were impressive and beneficial in every case.

The main point of our job was [key tip]. Considering your business specifications I can share a few more tips that will help you in your work:

– [Recommendation 1];

– [Recommendation 2];

– [Recommendation 3].

Do you refer to these problems? Don’t you think the mentioned recommendations can serve a great deal in your deal?

Good luck,


  1. Reaction to the post in social media.

Subject line: Thoughts about [business value]

Hello, [Name],

Recently I have read your post on [social media site] where you were wondering how to reach [business results] considering your business.

Do you want to find out some tips that will help you in your work and bring you closer to your goal? I can share some recommendations that are useful for other companies with the same goals. Here are a few points I can highlight:

– [Recommendation 1];

– [Recommendation 2];

– [Recommendation 3].

Have you ever applied these approaches in your business? If you are interested, I can share some more advice on considering this topic.



  1. Prospecting emails that work display the admiration of the receiver’s work.

Subject line: Admired your [name of the product, the title of the publication etc.]

Hi, [Name],

I want to express my admiration for your [name of the product, the title of the publication etc.]. The thing I am impressed the most is [features/point/idea].

Considering your worldview and business activity, I want to share the following piece of information with you [title of the article, link etc.]

I would be happy to get your opinion about it.



Keep Moving Towards Your Prospect Email Marketing Success

As you can see, prospect email marketing is more than just bombarding people from your list of promotional emails. It is about studying your receiver, providing valuable information, product or service. This is how you will be able to create a reputation of the trustworthy and generous resource rather than just a salesperson. Do not be that marketer who simply sends a blast of letters in order to cover as many receivers as possible. Be farsighted and do not scare off good leads. Aim at starting a conversation and building relationships that eventually will help you to grow your business.

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