Privacy Policy

Last updated: 19 June 2017

We treat our users the best possible way and guarantee them global privacy, keeping up with standards of protection and safety. We guarantee a safe and convenient place for storing valuable contacts and any possible content.

The goal of the Service is to enable users to maintain meaningful relationships and connections without any fears concerning the safety of their private data.

Our privacy guarantees:

  • You are the only one who can have access to your emails as well as managing them;
  • When your server gets connected to Remail, we will use the only required data to enable service’s functionality;
  • We store emails you have sent or received using Remail for allowing the option of checking your mailbox via the application and other computers if needed;
  • You are the only person with full access to your data;
  • It is up to you what data can be shared with other people.

Still, have questions left? You are welcomed to contact us via email.

Remail ( promises to maintain private and secure storage for private info they may reveal to the service. In this, the term “Personal information” or “Private data” means info on the specific person, which does not refer to the general information that can be considered as info about the special person. Remail follows these the set of rules to keep safe your private information that can be collected by Remail.

When you press, “accept” you show your agreement to us collecting store and use your private data according to the rules mentioned in this Privacy Policy. In this document “Website” applies to the Remail company and its service the users can get access to via website. They are further described here. Pronouns “we”, “our” or “us” allude to the Company. “You” allude to you as a user of Remail.

Info that can be collected

Remail collects private data of our users while the registration process when you asked to provide some info required for account creation and site operation as well as other service functioning.

Providing us with your Personal Information, you allow us to use and reveal your data to any third parties as soon as it is required for supporting purposes and providing Remail website operation or other Remail services.

Remail gathers private data while you are placing the order. This information includes your name, address (physical and email), credit card number. Remail service uses this data for creating the orders or communication purposes.

Information provided by you

You also can provide some content for Remail. It includes requests, replies, and other public activities on the site as well as metadata (time and date of the publication). Anyone visiting site can view this content. This content is available for search services and engines as well and can be reposted elsewhere on the site without violating the regulations of the website. This may refer to the email templates that can be seen by other service users (applying Community options). Accepting user agreement, you allow such usage of mentioned data and content.

Personal info usage

Remail never trade with third parties providing them with personal data of their users. Still, there may be some cases when Remail reveals your info to investigate safety troubles or in cases of any legal requirements, to follow site’s policies or for the protection of the service’s rights, property or security. Information, which is not considered to be personal can be used in any cases and revealed to the third parties if needed.


Our service collects the data (using our systems as well as services of the third parties) that is needed via logging or cookies, which include IP address, what in some cases may be considered as personal data. We require such data for service purposes for monitoring and analyzing service’s operation, for technical administration purposes, to increase functionality and quality of service, for verifying users’ authorization in the Service and for marketing purposes.

Cookie Usage

Cookies mean the type of data stored by a website on users’ computers. It is further provided by your browser to the website every time you come back to the Website. Remail requires cookies for identifying and tracking purposes, enabling password identification and providing you with access to your account.

Confidentiality and security

We have designed security options called to provide data protection from the access, which is not authorized. The main safety feature is your password which we firmly recommend to keep in secret and use it only for logging purposes without revealing it to anybody. We regularly check the level of security and improve existing security technologies or add new ones for a decent degree of protection. However, this is not a full guarantee that your data is completely protected from any unwelcome access via technical breaches, firewalls, and other software. We also the check the level of security of the unities we apply for payment service. But still, their activity and usage of you confidential data cannot be controlled by us completely. Applying or service, you show your acknowledgment of this fact and agree to deal with possible risks.

Revision of the Privacy Policy

Remail reserves the right to revise, modify or update this Privacy Policy at any time. Your continued use of this site constitutes your acceptance of any such change.

Personal Data Storage

In cases your geolocation is outside the USA borders, the data you reveal to the site may pass through some services that redirect it to our servers in the United States. Accepting this Privacy Policy, you show you receive such way of transferring, storing and processing of the data. In our turn, we will do our best to enable maximum security for your data when it comes to our services, server, and other software. All our actions will follow the rules and regulations mentioned in this Privacy Policy.

Service asks for your authorization, as it is required for marketing and contact purposes.