What is mass email service and Why Do You Need It?

Any business needs to be promoted, and a product or service needs effective advertising and, ultimately, a profitable sale. If these are your key tasks, trust a professional mass email service, that will free you from the routine work of preparing high-quality marketing campaigns.

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How to Choose the Best Email Marketing Service?

When choosing an email marketing service, you should be guided by the following criteria:

  • user interface – intuitively simple and pleasant;
  • email newsletter service has bulk emailing automation features;
  • email marketing service meets the needs of your business industry;
  • prices for emailing services do not hit your budget, on the contrary, they allow you to save money and profitably pay off your investments. 

This set of rules is the policy that guides Remail. By registering, you can be 100% sure of this.

How Does it Work?


Why is an email marketing service important?

Email marketing service is a crying need for the successful implementation of a digital strategy.Here’s why:

  • high-quality mass email service can multiply the number of repeat visits by your clients;
  • email campaign services are becoming a key aspect in building a large loyal follower base who trust you and your product;
  • mass email service drives sales and brand awareness.

Unlike popular bulk emailing services, Remail provides an integrated approach to addressing email marketing issues.


Mass email service Features and Prices

In order for you to send emails to highly interested users who are likely to enter your sales funnel, your email newsletter service should have the following attributes:

  • delivery speed of incoming letters – extremely high;
  • to send emails the service uses an SMTP server or API;
  • performance reports – detailed and up-to-date;
  • order processing, campaign preparation, throttling – everything is automated.

Targeted email marketing services

Remail is the best email list service because it is capable of implementing all targeted email marketing services:

  • sending personalized content that always ends up in the inbox;
  • full service email marketing automation, you just need to set the necessary parameters;
  • effective team interaction, which is implemented using special options and settings.

Good targeted email marketing services should provide detailed statistics and thorough tracking to analyze the effectiveness of certain actions.


Targeted email marketing services

If you analyze the popular email marketing services for small businesses, it becomes obvious that an integrated approach to business is a must for success. And only those services that are able to provide full-service email marketing will really pay for themselves in the shortest possible time and will bring the desired dividends. Remail email is one of them. Join us!

Email marketing services for small business

Mass Email Service FAQ

How can I send bulk emails for free?

Take advantage of the 14-day free trial from Remail.io.

How can I send thousands of emails for free?

Of course! Sign up for Remail.io and go!

How do I send a mass email?

Take your customer base, clean it up with Remail.io filters, compose an email, and send it in bulk

What is the best free email marketing service?

Without a doubt, it is Remail.io. But it depends on your needs.

Is sending bulk emails illegal?

If we talk about email marketing services that allow purchased lists, then their activity is rarely in the field of the law, and mass mailing to addresses from the purchased list is considered illegal.

Can I send a mass email with Gmail?

Our service cooperates with Gmail, so you can easily make bulk mailings using this mail service.

Regular mailings rarely bring answers. But mailings through Remail constantly bring new customers.
— Vivien Coal

Email Marketer

Many thanks for Remail support. With their help, I've made an effective selling email sequence, which brought me new sales.
— Bob Stechschulte

Head of Sales

Yes, we provide 100 checks. Before paying, make sure that you are satisfied with the result.

I was skeptical about the idea of cold emails but decided to try. Now we are using Remail for cross-sales and up-sales.
— Tom Roche


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