How to Make Sales Meeting Agenda More Effective? 7 Motivational Ideas

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sales meetings ideasMotivation plays a crucial role in the results of sales of your team. That is why you need to use every opportunity to raise their spirit and desire to keep master their professional skills. Some creative sales meetings ideas can serve a great deal in maintaining the motivation of your workers. Moreover, this approach can drastically change the attitude to business meetings in general.

You can change them from the regular routine to the inspiring events for every participant. At the same time, you will be informed about the current state of things and define aspects you and your team need to work on.

Recommendations for Effective Sales Meeting

Before we reveal you some creative approaches, we will take a look at some tips that will help in improving your current meetings right after you finish reading this article. These rules are basic ones and they need to be implemented in every planning of the meeting:

  1. Set one common goal. Every meeting should be focused on the single goal. It is important for maintaining the attention of every participant. On the one hand, they will know what the meeting is about and this awareness will help them in preparing. On the other hand, this is good management hint that will make the gathering less stressful and goal-oriented. And if you have troubles with defining the single goal, it would be better to postpone the meeting and to work on this matter closely.
  2. Designate a leader of the meeting. It can be everyone starting from the junior specialist who is assigned to prepare some relevant presentation or to review some news and ending with heads of the departments etc. whose task will be to discuss the current situations, set new goals and praise the previous achievements. Inform the person about these responsibilities and sales meeting agenda in advance and give the time for preparation.
  3. Be laconic and follow the schedule. Depending on the purpose, the gathering can last for 30 minutes or 1 hour, no longer usually. However, you must remember that the shorter it will be better, as your task is to disclose the topic and motivate the team, not to fill the scheduled hour-long timing. The simple motivational meeting can require no longer than 10 minutes, while the more complicated encounter like brainstorming can last for an hour. But remember to start in time and do not hold people longer than you are supposed to do. A good trick here is to schedule gathering in short time spaces to keep in mind that you need to disclose the topic in 7-10 minutes or less.
  4. Focus on good things. To maintain positive spirit in your team mention only good achievements during group gatherings. Do not use them as an opportunity to point out downsizes of someone’s work or any other mistakes. Ignoring is also not the option so you need to talk about such unpleasant things in private. Otherwise, you risk demotivating others and making them scared of making moves as a chance to make a mistake they will be eventually reprehended. Think of the feeling of every member of your team and plan to encourage them – it is your priority in this matter.
  5. Take into account your remote workers. Whether your team consists of remote workers or there are only a few such members, you need to maintain their involvement during the whole time of motivational meetings for sales. Remote workers are in a higher danger of being distracted so make sure they are engaged in the conversation and everyone has the opportunity to have a word. Act like remote workers are also in the room – ask them about something, address your words to them etc. Make sure that every party has a decent equipment and connection to conduct a gathering properly.

7 Sales Meetings Ideas for Your Team

Now we are moving to the most interesting part of the article – ideas that will enhance the productivity of your communication with workers and make them more motivated and enthusiastic when it comes to sales and other business activities.

  • Energizing beginning. We cannot deny the fact that meetings usually are associated with boredom and long-time sitting and listening to some-kind important info. However, you can change the state of things with an energizing start that will not only grab everyone’s attention but also raise their spirit and improve mood. No need to say that this environment will be much suitable for productive communication. Find your own trick – the fantasy is the limit. It can be a fun story, relevant news or even some simple physical exercises.
  • Training for sales. To feel more confident in fields, salespeople need a lot of practice to cover all possible aspects of their work. This is a great opportunity to conduct effective sales meetings and improve professional skills. Check what aspects need to be discussed and practiced or maybe your reps can offer some variants for this activity. Apart from useful materials for your workers, such gatherings can bring more revenue to the company. First because of well-trained employees and second because of motivating and encouraging team spirit.
  • Games and role-play activities. One more similar variant is role-playing and games aimed at enhancing the professional abilities of the participants of the meeting. Since childhood, we all know that this approach is the best more memorizing words and actions with the future ability to reproduce them in real life. The same is with sales. Just like we have used to learn ABC, we can now learn some basic phrases for typical situations and replay some situations to make them real for our mind.
  • Guests. One more opportunity to make your meeting out of ordinary. It can be your client, colleague from another department, expert in sales etc. You may need a bit more time to find the right person, invite him or her and prepare the plan for the future meeting. However, the results will be stunning.
  • Stories of success. They can really good in creating inspirational sales meetings to make the whole team more productive. If you are a small startup, you may use stories of bigger companies you want to look like. But if you already have some experience and cases, make them well-known among your team members and other workers. Knowing your company is heading in the right direction can have a great impact on your team’s spirit.
  • Support and reward. Along with sharing your success stories, you can reward the most remarkable workers and their incredible results or support beginners who are on their way to such results. Find the aspect you can thank them for and encourage their efforts. Also, you can encourage some friendly competition to motivate experienced reps to master their skills and beginners to reach new heights.
  • Relevant current events discussion. We all need to be aware of the things happening around us. Especially when some of them can drastically affect your work. You can start every meeting with a few-minute news talk or set some particular gathering for discussing current events and their impact on your company and industry in general.

Sales Meetings Topics to Make Your Agenda Engaging and Useful

Here is an additional section to ease your life. Below you will learn some good topics for your future meetings to make them useful and interesting for everybody for real. That is how you can be sure that the expected gathering will reach its goal and will not be considered as an unwelcomed routine.

  1. Prospecting. How to generate more leads? What methods, words, and approaches can be used? How to improve special sales and communicational skills? These are the examples of aspect you can cover within this topic.
  2. Creating questions for communication with buyers. As an addition to the previous point, you can discuss and compose questions for the buyer and how they can help in encouraging the person to buy.
  3. Working with objections. The same thing here – role-playing can serve a great deal in mastering this skill.
  4. Trust building communication. Here you can work on techniques that will help in setting a connection. Learn how to be effective and avoid well-known clichés that will be identified by the prospect immediately.
  5. Defining needs of target buyers. You will be able to make a relevant offer if you know the main pain points and needs of the person.
  6. Showing the value of the offer. Sales meetings that motivate will always help in defining the brightest sides of your product or service in order to present it to the clients.
  7. Closing sales. One more opportunity for role-playing is part with closing sales – like the logical conclusion of your interaction with a prospect.
  8. Planning for the calls. A phone conversation can be no less stressful compared to live meetings. A good pre-made plan can help in handling some issues.
  9. Discussing different personality types. Understanding human nature is the crucial point in becoming a successful salesperson. Widen the knowledge of your team in this aspect by conducting educating meetings.

Effective and Motivational Meetings – Achievable Goal

As you can see, the key point of every meeting should not be a routine processing of the requests and data analyzing. They must be about maintaining a good spirit of every member of your team and improving the communicational and professional skills, but in an effective way, when everyone is involved and interested in the provided content. We can highlight three important aspects:

  • Creativity – say no to the long-lasting boring sit-downs;
  • Convenient atmosphere – take into consideration schedules and human needs of every participant;
  • Value – motivational sales meetings are always change something in our minds or attitudes.

This approach will lead to deeper engagement of the reps and the more they will invest in their job, the more they will be motivated to improve their results and vice versa.

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