How to qualify leads faster and keep
the sales reps happy?

Understand how to strengthen current mailings and get more marketing qualified leads.
5 minutes.

Understand how to strengthen current mailings and get more marketing qualified leads.

5 minutes.

You are a marketer and are responsible for the lead generation. There are PPC campaigns, regular marketing mailings, SEO brings traffic, partners share leads. But you need more sales. How from existing leads get more ready to communicate with your company?

Lead nurturing campaigns include email newsletters. Usually, they look frankly marketing (though logically) and they come to the “Promotions” tab in Gmail. The content in the mailing lists is useful, corresponds to the Stage in the Buying Cycle of each prospect. But you want more reaction. Do you know what is missing? More action. More individual approach.

Take 100 potential customers right now and send them a warm emailing campaign. These are not marketing mailings. These are “warm-up” emails – personal, from you or your sales rep. They even send technically differently (MailChimp and similar mailing services here will not help).


Here is an example of warm email:

Gmail holds 26% of the market by email customers (source: for November 2017). And getting into the “Inbox” tab means to stand out among the mass of other marketing mailings. This is how Remail sends emails: they always come to the “Inbox”.

Warm email is devoid of design brilliance (otherwise the way to the Promotion tab), and the whole emphasis is on content. Start a dialogue through warm email, offer help to your customers. Those who respond will become a new opportunity for sales managers. Especially if that they went through a certain lead nurturing process on the part of marketing before (read the whitepaper, downloaded additional materials, visited the webinar etc.).

Is it worth it?

According to data from ConstantContact and MailChimp, the open rates in the usual email marketing range from 18% to 23%. Using the services for personal email outreach, like Remail, you can significantly increase your rates.

Shane Snow, a cofounder of Contently, conducted a study: sent cold mailings 1,000 of the busiest business people in America: 500 C- and VP-level executives. The results were stunning: sending 707 letters, Shane received 45.5%. And it’s about cold mailings. In the case of warm mailings (when the recipients do know you) – open and click rates will be even much higher.

According to Yesware’s tests for 500,000 sales emails, the average open rate of personal email outreach is 69%.

If we talk about the reply rate – everything here depends very much on the content, on your proposal and the willingness of the recipients to accept it. The reply rate can be 0%, and 45%, and 70%, and even higher.


Answers received

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Why is it working?

You send personal emails, not marketing bulk mailings. The secret is in your offer. Compare
these two approaches while preparing emails:

Not working


The same text for all.

No or very poor personalization.

No or very poor segmentation.

The recipient doesn’t see a value for himself.

You are trying to sell in an email.

You are talking about yourself, not a prospect.

The template is the same, but the content changes for every prospect.

You are using not only first name and a company name but also other variables like website, location, etc. (remember that spreadsheet you were collecting?).

The main offer changes depend on the recipient: if he is a tech guy, an owner or a sales manager.

The recipient understands how you can (and want) to help him.

You do not sell in emails. You are asking for a call or a meeting.

Send the follow-ups

And one more very important reason for warm emails to work is follow-ups. Not all contacts will respond to the first email. Therefore, it is important to adjust the follow-ups. They can be either 3 or 10. It depends on what you can write useful and how your customers will react to emails. A / B test and replies will show that how much follow-ups and which content works better.

Here are examples of follow-ups:

If you do the personal email outreach manually

You have collected a list with 100 prospects and sent cold emails to each of them. After 2 days you analyze the answers, remove interested ones from the campaign and sent follow-ups for these who didn’t reply. Follow-ups will bring new answers, because they are also personal emails. And they got replied often.


Also, you have new 100 prospects and you want to send cold emails to them as well. And after 2 days – send follow-ups, + send follow-ups for the contacts from the first campaign who didn’t reply on the second follow-up. And you have to exclude prospects who replied in both campaigns… It will become hard to handle this email-park:

Remail comes here. Set up and launch new cold email campaigns easily. If got replied – Remail will remove the contact from campaign automatically. How many hours will you save then? Enough to find new 100 prospects ☺

The main goal is to get more appointments and sales, not to be confused with numerous campaigns, emails, and follow-ups.

Ready to try cold emails on practice?

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