Are you using emails to communicate
with candidates?

Find, attract and engage your future employees easier and faster.

As an HR you have lots of things to manage:

Many open vacancies and new one appears periodically

Too many applicants to manage

Too many candidates to email

Numerous emails to reply to

The most important in this process – to find the right one candidate and to hire him!


Email is the most official and classic way to communicate with candidates. One email does not make sense. You have to send at least 2-4 emails to get a proper reply from the best candidates (as they can be very busy). But because of the high volume of emails sent and the high probability of human error, it’s very easy to become confused how many emails and which were sent to this or that candidate, when to follow-up first, second, third time, and not to forget to do it.

Do not miss a candidate.
Be a winner on today’s recruiting battlefield.

Outreach at scale, with 100% personal “sent-manually” emails.

Keep in touch your entire candidate base.

Follow up automatically with hundreds of people every day.

Keep your emails on the top of the candidates mailboxes.

You are basically asking strangers to pay attention to what you offer, whether they want it or not.
Want candidates to reply quickly to your emails?

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There are two magic rules for getting the best employees onboard:
having a high-quality list of candidates and great email templates.

Where to find best candidates?

Most candidates have online profiles. Do proper research before outreaching, learn candidates and collect info about them. Use the websites like (in alphabetical order)


After that try to find contacts’ emails. You can use (in alphabetical order):

Important: all emails have to be personal, The magic works only in this case.
You can use special tools to find the email addresses:


Contact Out






Sales Navigator Lite



How to write an email that gets a response?

Write how you found them, and you know what they work on. The candidate will read on because it’s about them
and this isn’t a boilerplate email.

Introduce yourself and why you’re contacting them.

Briefly explain why working together would benefit both sides.

Make sure the candidates take action after reading the email: spell the next steps out and let the candidate decide.

Personalization is the key to a great communication

How about more personalized emails that are sending automatically to all candidates?

Sometimes, you need to edit specific email for a specific person. If you need to personalize

the content beyond the power of placeholders – easily do it with Remail!

Sleep well. Be sure that every potential candidate is queued up for the next engagement email. Reveal the power of Remail.

Use Remail when you need:

Outreach with or without referrals

Follow up if no response from first outreach

Response to “Yes, I’m interested”

Response to all applied candidates

Response to disqualified candidates

Send Invitation to Phone Screening

Send Invitation to Interview

Response to disqualified candidates

Sending an Offer

Difference of the approaches in sending emails:

Using Email Marketing Software Using Manual Approach Using Remail
Database maintenance (filters & segments) It depends No Yes
Email Tracking (opens, clicks) Yes Yes Yes
Email Templates Yes No Yes
Shared Email Templates It depends No Yes
Custom fields (for personalized emails) It depends No Yes
Tracking team efficiency (templates, campaigns) It depends No Yes
Automated Follow Ups in Thread It depends No Yes
Emails sent to the Inbox tab (not the Promotion tab) No Yes Yes
Automatically opt-out prospects from a sequence of messages (Response Tracking) No No Yes
Gmail Integration / Outlook Integration / Any IMAP/SMTP Configuration No No Yes
Price Depends on #
of contacts / emails
only the cost of your time ☺
per month for any amount of contacts/emails

Remail is very cost-effective for HR needs.

No credit card required · Free 14 days trial