Happy Holidays Business Email: 7 Ideas to Congratulate Your Clients

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happy holidays email

Business communication does not mean only work-related or selling issues. It is all about building and maintaining relationships with people. In this matter, happy holidays email can serve a great deal. This approach is one of the best ways to catch up with people during the time when most of them are happy and are looking forward to a good time with their families and friends. This article will show you how to congratulate your client and colleagues and express your gratitude for their support.

Why Is It Important to Send Holiday Business Emails?

Let’s take a closer look at this matter. There are 4 reasons you should consider sending emails with holiday greetings during the year:

  1. Maintaining business relationships. You show your clients and partners that you live the same life as they do. That connects.
  2. Attracting new customers. People are more inclined to beneficial offers and holiday discounts as they are happy to get presents.
  3. Refresh old relationships. While your customers were busy lately and didn’t buy anything from you, kind greetings of your email can remind them of you and your products/services as well.
  4. To say thanks to the loyal customers. They have been with you for a long time and helped to grow your business, so show your appreciation.

Tips for Creating Professional Happy Holiday Email

As you already working in email marketing, you know that every campaign needs a lot of efforts to develop the decent design, timing and the content of the message. When it comes to holiday greetings, the requirements are the same. Here are some recommendations to make your work easier considering holiday communication:

  • Develop quality design of your card – you can stick to your corporate graphics, but modify it to make your email look festive and inspiring, so your receiver will be delighted not only with the message but the images as well;
  • Check your mailing list – make sure that your happy-holidays business email will reach your target receiver and you will not waste your time and resources on sending emails to the invalid addresses;
  • Personalize every message – you will see what a great impact it will have, as we all want to feel special, even when getting cards from the business institutions;
  • Be considerable – do not send las of emails to the vast audience when there is a chance some of them can other religious and cultural views. To avoid risks you can deliver broad messages;
  • Work on greeting campaign in advance – this will help you to avoid being overwhelmed during the holiday season and you will have ready-made campaign emails waiting for being sent;
  • Show respect – be friendly and informal where it is appropriate, but do not forget to stay respectful of the content of your message.

Marketing Ideas for Holiday Email Templates [with Subject Lines]

It may sound like a hard task to create decent happy-holiday email that will fulfill your congratulation goals without sounding corporate. However, in fact, it is a fun and inspiring process where you can show your creativity and master your communicational skills. We have collected 7 templates ideas that can stimulate your own creative process and get higher response rates as well.

Holiday Checklist for your Clients

This is a great idea for getting prospects’ attention during the holidays. You can make it in a playful way by providing them with holiday checklist. It is not pushy but engaging approach.

Subject Line: Your Holiday Checklist

Hi, [Name],

In this holiday period, it is hard to keep everything in mind. I have developed this checklist for you not to forget about important issues and stay focused on things that matter in the upcoming year:

  •       [Date]: [Event/Task/Milestone]
  •       [Date]: [Event/Task/Milestone]
  •       [Date]: [Event/Task/Milestone]

Thanks for your time when the whole preparation overwhelms our minds.


[Your signature]

Gift Guide

On early stages of communication with your prospects, you may face difficulties with finding the proper approach to them. Happy-holidays emails to clients can engage them and provide short info on who you are and what you do.

Subject line: Special Gift Guide for You

Hi, [Name],

I understand that during the holiday period it is hard to remember everything. That is why I’ decided to say “Hi” and refresh your memory how we can be helpful in this situation. Here are some points that can be a real gift to you:

  1. [Prospect’s problem + how you can help to solve it].
  2. [Product, service or other activity of your company]: [Reasons/ways it can be useful to your prospect].
  3. [Budgetary fit + info on season discounts]

If you’re interested in any of these points, find the convenient date in my calendar [Link to calendar]

Best Wishes,

[Your signature]


This happy-holidays email sample can help you increase your sales rates as well. You can write to your customers and show them your new features, services, and products they can be interested in. Show your appreciation for them being your clients already and treat them with special offers and discounts.

Subject line: Better than turkey sandwich for breakfast

Hi, [Name],

Sure, there are a few things better than holiday dinner leftovers for breakfast. However, this [upsell line] can be pretty close to it (without you gaining extra calories). Here are some points that can help you to make your holiday and the whole year more productive:

  •       [Product/service/feature]: [Benefits]
  •       [Product/service/feature]: [Benefits]
  •       [Product/service/feature]: [Benefits]

For more info let’s schedule a meeting in my calendar [Link to calendar].

Happy Holidays,

[Your signature]

Happy Holidays Discount

During winter holidays you prospects may feel more relaxed so you can use this factor in creating professional happy-holiday email with discount info, especially when the offer is due to the end of the year.

Subject line: Something more useful than the sweater from your aunt

Hello, [Name],

We all have got a gift that, let’s say, didn’t have a place in your life. But I can offer you something that can serve a great deal considering holidays and everyday life.

Just buy anything until December 31 and I give you discount [number]. This is it!

If you want to get that gift, schedule the meeting here [Link] or call me.

And if you are happy to get the sweater from your aunt – that is OK as well!

Happy Holidays,

[Your signature]

Budget Reminder

During the last month of the year, many companies are planning their next year budget and spend the left funds on various services and goods. So you can seize the opportunity and offer in your holiday email blast something beneficial so they can use their money wise considering the rest of the year and the following one as well.

Subject line: Put your residual budget to good use

Hello, [Name],

At this time of year, many of us think of the proper use of the leftover from the year budget in order not to waste or lose them in the next year budget allocation.

The great news here is that I can help! If you’re interested in my offer, I can talk to you today. Reply to this email or find the convenient date here [Link to the calendar].

Put the rest of the budget to the good cause.

Happy Holidays,

[Your signature]

Sample for Thanksgiving

However, this template can be useful for other annual events. If you haven’t heard from your clients for a while, try to send them this “thank you” card instead of the standard email holiday message and watch the results.

Subject line: Thanks for staying with me

Hi, [Name],

At this time of year, I want to use the opportunity to thank you for staying with me and having a productive collaboration. It is great that with many other options you have chosen [service/product] of our company.

Happy holidays, and contact me in case I can help you with anything to make your work and life easier this season.

Best regards,

[Your signature]

Calendar Filling

Some of us often want to wait until the start of the year to plan your working schedule. But do not do so. Use holiday season to pack your calendar with meetings and calls and add the relevant holiday-email subject lines, as you can see in the examples. The thing is that for many people November and December is filled with planning and other tasks while January is a fast-moving month with other priorities so you can miss the opportunity.

Subject line: Before you dive into family holidays…

Hi, [Name],

Holiday time makes us more relaxed and not willing to work. That is why, before you leave your office for a while, I decided to write an email to you and offer to show you the demo we have talked about earlier.

Be sure it will fit perfectly into your schedule between your family dinner and corporate party. If you are interested, get the free date on the calendar [Link to the calendar].

Happy Holidays,

[Your signature]

Final Words on Holiday Emailing

So now you have definitely become more aware of how to congratulate your clients and team with annual special events. We hope our holiday email marketing ideas will help you to design your own approaches and reach better results considering relationships building. The main point of this task is to show your appreciation and to make your message sincere and meaningful to the receiver. Showing you care will lead to the further benefits for your business as well.

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