Hacking the sales: no cold calls, yes – cold emails

What you will learn: how to book more meetings and presentations via cold emailing

Actions feed sales managers

Actions feed sales managers: calls, meetings, presentations lead to sales. The more sales did – the more chance to overdo the plan and to buy that cute little bag for his wife. However, it is one “but”. Sales manager depends on marketing, waiting for good leads like for spoon for dinner. And this limits the opportunities because:

Marketing gives not as many leads as sales rep wants;

Marketing gives not ready to buy leads and they have to be nurtured still.

Сold calls? Somebody still uses them. They give sales

opportunities and… annoy сall recipients. It is 2017 outside and calls aren’t in fashion ☺. The good well-known email came back. Do not confuse it with spam, and it is not a buying the database. It’s a cold emailing era.

How to empower lead generation with cold emails?


Think who might be interested in your products or services and collect these companies. Create a spreadsheet with the neediest data: first name, last name, company, website, location, type of business and other useful data.

After that try to find contacts’ emails. You can use (in alphabetical order):

Important: all emails have to be personal, The magic works only in this case



Contact Out









Sales Navigator Lite





Prepare a cold email and 2-4 follow-ups

This is the most interesting part. The offer quality, the use of headlines and the first sentence in the body of the email will decide the destiny of the bag for your wife. Write, think, correct – unless you are happy with the content.

Be ready to receive up to 50% replies (not email opens!) and set the next week free for new business opportunities.

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Why is it working?

You send personal emails, not marketing bulk mailings. The secret is in your offer. Compare
these two approaches while preparing emails:

Not working


The same text for all.

No or very poor personalization.

No or very poor segmentation.

The recipient doesn’t see a value for himself.

You are trying to sell in an email.

You are talking about yourself, not a prospect.

The template is the same, but the content changes for every prospect.

You are using not only first name and a company name but also other variables like website, location, etc. (remember that spreadsheet you were collecting?).

The main offer changes depend on the recipient: if he is a tech guy, an owner or a sales manager.

The recipient understands how you can (and want) to help him.

You do not sell in emails. You are asking for a call or a meeting.

Cold email example

One more reason why cold emails
are working good – follow-ups.

You have collected a list with 100 prospects and sent cold emails to each of them. After 2 days
you analyze the answers, remove interested ones from the campaign and sent follow-ups for
these who didn’t reply. Follow-ups will bring new answers, because they are also personal
emails. And they got replied often.

Follow-up #1, after 3 days:

Follow-up #2, after 7 days:

Also, you have new 100 prospects and you want to send cold emails to them as well. And after 2 days – send follow-ups, + send follow-ups for the contacts from the first campaign who didn’t reply on the second follow-up. And you have to exclude prospects who replied in both campaigns… It will become hard to handle this email-park:

Remail comes here.

Set up and launch new cold email campaigns easily.

If got replied – Remail will remove the contact from campaign automatically.
How many hours will you save then? Enough to find new 100 prospects☺
The main goal is to get more appointments and sales, not to be confused with numerous campaigns, emails, and follow-ups.

Ready to try cold emails on practice?

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