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What is email automation?

Automation email marketing allows you to regularly send effective advertising campaigns, frees you from routine work, speeding up production processes, improving customer relationships, and prioritizing emails. You can create personalized emails with maximum ROI quickly and easily by linking your website analytics with email automation software.

The benefits of email automation

Automation provides benefits as follows:

  • Widespread mailings while you’re sleeping.
  • Customization per client.
  • Sales and audience loyalty growth.

Our email automation tools allow configuring your email marketing so that you get a growing number of subscribers daily.

Make the most of your marketing team.

Add the best email automation software to this, and you’ll be getting the most out of your staff. If you automate many repetitive actions, you can not just reduce time loss but also boost the productivity of employees. Moreover, sales email automation enables employees to focus on much more important tasks, such as improvement of customer relations.

Improve your customer retention rate.

Our email marketing automation software is mainly aimed at keeping existing customers, as they are more loyal to products/services than the new ones. If you send a personalized campaign using an automated email, you can increase audience engagement, therefore, sales are guaranteed!

It makes your marketing strategy scalable

By using customer acquisition email automation, take it down a notch about limited resources or that new potential customers are undersell. This robotized mail showcasing makes your showcasing methodology scalable.

Email marketing automation software

By choosing, you shall have a modern email automation platform with a set of functions to easily and efficiently delegate advertising campaign preparation to artificial intelligence.

Setting Up Trigger Emails

Our business email automation software offers powerful trigger letters functionality. The system is sensitive to certain dates, events, or users’ actions, and then sends a very special message to each email. You have every chance to boost your campaign profitability by over 300% thanks to our triggers.

Setting Up Drip-Feed Emails

It often happens that before the lead becomes your subscriber, there is not one letter required, but several systematized mailings. These are so-called drip campaigns, and email marketing automation tools will help in creating and sending such messages.

Split Test Your Emails

Many marketers make the same mistake before starting a new campaign: they do not do the A/B test. But it’s not our story! Using our email automation services, you will be able to check your mailing list before launch to find out if there are any faults before they spoil everything.

Analyze Your Results

Using Remail constant contact email automation, you will have a detailed report with all metrics. This way you can analyze the automation email and evaluate its effectiveness. 

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Email Automation FAQ

How do I set up email automation?

It’s very simple, you just need to connect your email box to our service, write a chain of letters and launch an email company, everything else will be automated by our service.

How does automated email work?

Automatic email works as a human emulator and automates your email inbox, you use your mail 100%.

What are the benefits of email automation?

Our service sends letters instead of you at a convenient time to your place. The email account is 100% used. You just need to get answers and work with them.

How do I automate an email response?

When using the Remail service, you, first of all, automate your email box and mailing from it. The answers are already automated by you.

What is the best automation software?

For what purposes? Only our Remail service is the best for the automation of personalized email marketing.

What happens if you reply to an automated email?

It’s okay, you won’t even understand that this letter was sent automatically. Also, we offer the most affordable prices for the best quality.

Regular mailings rarely bring answers. But mailings through Remail constantly bring new customers.
— Vivien Coal

Email Marketer

Many thanks for Remail support. With their help, I've made an effective selling email sequence, which brought me new sales.
— Bob Stechschulte

Head of Sales

I was skeptical about the idea of cold emails but decided to try. Now we are using Remail for cross-sales and up-sales.
— Tom Roche


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