Effective Email Marketing for Ecommerce: Tips & Examples

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Since the email is a crucial tool for growing your business considering e-commerce, you need to take every advantage of it. This is how you can compensate the lack of in-person communication in this field. However, successful ecommerce email marketing means not only sending newsletters randomly. You need to stick to the particular plan, approach and even design to increase sales, engage customers and build the strong relationships with your audience. Today we will learn 9 tips for e-commerce marketing that are meant to improve your rates in general.

Special Tips for Successful Ecommerce Email Marketing

  1. Exclusive Discounts

Every marketer understands the importance of the loyal audience. So you need to do your best to maintain these relationships. You need to provide them with reason to get back to your shop. The good approach for this purpose is the loyalty program. Develop the one for your business and you will be able to engage the customers who once started buying your products. To keep their interest warm you can inform them about special offers and discounts they can benefit with.

  1. Personalization of the Emails

It is not only about using the customer’s name already. Now you need to work on tailoring your content according to your audience pain point in order to warm their interest and encourage making a purchase. The segmentation of your customer base can be very useful here. You can divide them into groups using the following criteria:

  • gender – if your customer is a man, there are fewer chances he will be interested in your latest women collection and vice versa. Sorting your clients will help you to send them relevant materials and offers;
  • past email activity – analyze how people reacted to various emails and group them according to their engagement;
  • past buying activity – you can analyze what products were bought by the person and create offers that will be likely attractive to the receiver.
  1. Subject Line and Preview Text Optimization

Since these are the first two elements your client sees when getting your email, you need to use them at their best to attract the attention. Think of it as choosing the suit for your job interview – you need to make the best impression possible. Email subject line is the best opportunity to increase your open rates. It should be informative, catching but not pushy or spammy. The preview text can encourage the further opening of the email. Optimize those words as well.

  1. Holidays and Other Special Events

Want to get extra clients or re-engage the old ones? Use holidays and special events to create theme-based best ecommerce emails. For instance, in e-commerce shops get almost one-quarter of their annual sales during November-December time as it is a pre-holiday time. So create seasonal offers, promotions and other opportunities for customers and show them you care about them.

  1. Branding and Unique Design of Transactional Emails

As soon as transactional emails perform higher engagement rates, you need to make their templates unique and memorable as well. Do not waste your resources by sending default messages with minimum info about the purchase. Use the following recommendations to improve the receiver’s experience:

  • use the same branding in your emails your website has;
  • add info on the special offers and discounts to encourage another purchase;
  • provide recommendation section with similar or complementary goods.
  1. Shout-out Encouragement

Social references are the most powerful marketing channel as people trust more to the words of the customers rather than company’s ones. So when your clients start telling about your business to their friends, you have more chances to get interested buyers. So do your best to widen your customer network and provide them with the experience they would be happy to share. And you should encourage such activity, for instance, with discounts for both your loyal customer and the new one he will attract.

  1. “Back in Stock” Notifications

When you run out of some of your products, do not remove them from your catalog. You will be provided with new batch soon. So offer the buyers, who are visiting the shop, to subscribe and get the notification when the product will come. The customers will be happy to know they will be informed and you will be able to engage them in your email marketing activity.

  1. Opportunities for Subscription

As you can see from the previous tip, you need to use every opportunity for the buyers to opt-in and get their email to your list. This is how you will be able to build and maintain the relationships with them. Here are common strategies:

  • footers;
  • website bar;
  • pop-ups and slide-ins.

Also, add the “subscribe” line during the checkout process as when the person decided to buy something at your place, there are more chances he or she is interested in your business. And remember about transactional emails.

  1. Email Marketing Automation

In email marketing ecommerce it will help in building relationships by providing them with relevant letters at the proper time. This strategy includes:

  • sending abandoned cart emails to those who have not finished the purchase;
  • notifying about sales for the products the shopper is interested in;
  • re-opt emails for checking unengaged subscribers.

These tips are not the one, but definitely useful for making your e-commerce activity more fruitful considering building relationships with your customers.

Best Ecommerce Emails for Your Inspiration

  1. Duolingo

This is an example of short seasonal email based on the New Year’s resolutions. They connected this tradition with their service and this approach can definitely encourage the reader to consider the offer.

  1. Amazon

ecommerce email marketing from Amazon

As this is the great example of the e-commerce site, we need to follow its example as well. They segment their customers and deliver relevant messages. As we can see here, Amazon has offered related products after looking through the list of products earlier. They base the strategy on the previous customer behavior.

  1. Salt Rock

good ecommerce email from Salt Rock

“We miss you” emails are powerful in getting back the existing customers. So in e-commerce, it is important to re-engage people who already have made a purchase earlier. This message must contain the reason for them to get back, like discounts or other special offers.

  1. Asics

ecommerce email by Asics

Not to lose the clients due to the abandoned carts, use the email strategy to attract the buyer again. Here we can see that Asics remind the receiver about the abandoned cart and show the reasons to finish the started (best sellers, free shipping).

  1. Process Type Foundry

inspirational ecommerce email from Process Type Foundry

The simple emails get even more fans than the fancy ones. So here The Process Foundry just shows you the message about sale status with a reminder that there are only two sales like this in a year. The main thing in such emails is to make your point clear.

Final words on Ecommerce Email Marketing

As you can see, email marketing for ecommerce plays a great part in reaching success in this field. We learn new and new modifications regularly, however, the main principles of this approach stays loyal. The list of addresses you collected at the very beginning can become a good base for customer and business growth. That is why it does not matter whether it is a big or small business. The main thing here is maintaining relationships with your audience. Segment your base, target your messages and personalize the communication with every receiver to make your business fruitful for you and your clients.

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