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What is the main purpose of Remail?

Remail helps to increase prospects engagement. Sales managers will save up to 10 hours and more every week on communications and follow-ups. With Remail it’s easy to automate repeating emails in the sales cycle.

Can I connect an additional user and/or email account?

Yes, you can add users in the “Team” tab and set up different permissions for each user. Also, you can add the additional email accounts which you want to use for your cold emailing, on the “Settings > Email Accounts”.

Can I set up a schedule according to which emails will be sent?

Yes, you can. In the “Settings” on the “Schedule” tab, you can create as many schedules as you want. Also, you can set up a default schedule for all campaigns. In each campaign, you can change the default schedule to the other, or create one special for particular Campaign.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yup! You can try free for 14 days. All features are included. The only limit is about prospects: in a trial, you can send emails to 140 people. Emails, campaigns and steps are unlimited.

Why is the daily limit of sending emails set to 400? Can I change it?

We use a standard Google limits for sending letters. If you exceed the sending limits (eg. 400 emails for free Gmail accounts and 100 for follow ups) or send emails containing spam words your email provider will send us a server notification that your mailbox was suspended (usually for 24 hours). But yes, you can change it if you use G-suit account for 800 per day; if you use your corporate server you can add settings in your server (but in this case you are solely responsible for the potential blocking).

How can I start cold emailing?

It’s a good question. You’ll need the emails of people you want to reach out and ready-to-go campaign, with 2-8 follow ups in it. You can start with our prepared templates or create your own ones. Create a campaign, set steps and launch it!

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