Cold email marketing services

Remail platform is delighted with offering you an effective cold email marketing software providing a Golconda of leads.
Cold email automation toolkit is the very thing you need!

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Cold email marketing software explanation

Our software is tooled for making cold email outreach personalized. We offer the best ideas to personalize your emails.
Cold email marketing for services with the best time to send an email.

Cold Email Use Cases

Our cold emailing tools became the best solution for startups.
Cold email marketing has also increased the profits of a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises all over the world.

Cold Email for Lead Generation

Our cold email marketing services are the best solution to generate leads that are in prospect can be your customers. With the help of Remail tools, you’ll be able to expand your client base permanently by appending it with high-quality e-mail addresses, easily and removing invalid contacts quickly.

Cold Emailing for Market Research

Our cold email marketing software can be used for market research. Send more cold type email campaigns to test the start-up ideas, study the consumers’ hot buttons, collect as much valuable information as possible that will help build a good marketing strategy.

Cold Email for Networking/Follow-Up

“The network is an important part of your job if you are involved in the B2B sector. It makes no matter what the purpose is: joint ventures, leads, integration, tips, mentoring, as using cold email outreach, and following our recommendations, you will make contacts you need.” — Info from 

Cold email automation Cases


Cold Email for Hiring

Sample Cold Email

We add it to the template library

Believe me, nothing beats the Remail cold email automation. We will help you to launch a cool campaign that is like most of the contacts on your list at an easy rate. Moreover, we will send a follow-up letter to those who did not respond, segment the base.


Cold email Outreach or for Link Building

Sample Cold Email

We add it to the template library

With cold email marketing for services, you can find the best specialists and offer them a job. Our cold emailing tools are designed to quickly find exactly those candidates who are potentially interested in your business and can really help to promote it.

Сold Email Marketing FAQ

Is it legal to send cold emails?

Yes, it is legal if you adhere to all the requirements of the GDPR agreement.

How do you send cold emails?

First of all, you need to collect an email base, after it in Remail service set up an email campaign and send it. It’s easy!

When should you send a cold email?

When you want to start a conversation, conduct a social survey, invite you to test something, or for any other reason.

Are cold emails effective?

Huge, multimillion-dollar companies owe their success to cold emailing, at least in their beginning phases. It doesn’t matter how big your business is, though, cold emailing is a method proven to increase sales leads and grow your network.

Regular mailings rarely bring answers. But mailings through Remail constantly bring new customers.
— Vivien Coal

Email Marketer

Many thanks for Remail support. With their help, I've made an effective selling email sequence, which brought me new sales.
— Bob Stechschulte

Head of Sales

I was skeptical about the idea of cold emails but decided to try. Now we are using Remail for cross-sales and up-sales.
— Tom Roche


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