How to Build an Email List for Marketing? Best Ways and Tips to Grow

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Being an online marketer you must admit the sad truth that every database loses about 23% of its points per year. This is a natural process we have to deal with and learn more and more solutions on how to build an email list. On the one hand, it is even good for your business as you are encouraged to add new prospects to your database and widen your target audience and chances for sales. Some marketers use only a few methods for obtaining new receivers and eventually they lose plenty of opportunities. We do not want you to become one of them. That is why in this article you will quickly get familiar with the biggest number of database building techniques and approaches.

What Should You Know Before Email List Building?

What do we define as an email list? This is a database of people (their addresses), who can be your potential customer or have already shown the interest in your activity. In most cases, it starts with visitors to your site or blog who have opted in. It is important to inform people that their contact info is about to be used in your campaign(s). Moreover, there are plenty of variations of the opt-in method as well as other tricks that will help you to maintain and run an effective email list building.

How to Build an Email List: Tricks and Techniques

We have gathered our own experience and the practices of our competitors to create the fullest list of actions that will help you in the task of database growing and its maintenance. For your convenience, we have divided the list into some categories so you could see what the basis of the particular set of tips is.

Using Email Means for List Building

1. Compose an outstanding content. You need to constantly provide your readers with unique and useful materials to keep them interested and engaged.

2. Motivate readers to share your letters. It can be achieved by adding a sharing button for posting on social media or blog. You can add to such automated posts any subscribe button or link for the new readers.

3. Personalize and target your letters. The more specific types of the same emails you will have the more chances the receivers will find them relevant to their interests and goals. You in your turn will arrange the process of building an email list.

4. Renew the old database with an extra opt-in campaign. This trick may save you from deleting potentially useful addresses.

5. Use signature as an additional channel. The working link to the leading page or the sign-up form can give you a few more prospects to your list.

6. Bill can be something more. When the person gets a receipt, you can benefit from the opportunity to reach him or her and add the sign-up form or tempting stuff.

Enhance Your List with New Content

7. Add an offer that will generate leads for you. It can be a free book or other materials for downloading in exchange for the person’s address.

8. Free features, tools, functions. This is the common answer to the request of how to build an email marketing list. The registration in most cases means getting the access to the “limited” or “club” features of the service/site/resource.

9. Additional content. You can attract the receiver with free materials first. But then you can inform the person there can be more.

10. Create the image of the “exclusive club”. People like to be a part of something other ones do not have access to. You can maintain this feeling with insider jokes, birthday traditions, and membership discounts.

11. Show your generosity. Make periodical giveaways among subscribers and let them be engaged in the process with the whole community.

12. Let the readers learn something. Promote unique books, materials, courses on the relevant topic or field and highlight that the offer is available in exchange for the contact data.

Use Social Media to Grow Your Database

13. Create an online campaign using your page in social media. This is one of the best ways to build an email list. You can arrange the giveaway or other encouragement to collect the contact information of the visitors.

14. Facebook post with special offers. Create a post on FB page your readers are subscribed for and offer there any exclusive content that can be provided after signing up or simply specifying the address. Sharing link and call to action will help to widen your audience.

15. Social media call to action. Facebook business pages allow adding special buttons with a call-to-action message and connecting it with the landing page for collecting addresses.

16. Create a gated access. You can arrange this on your FB business page, using the LinkedIn account or even in posts from your blog. The offer and the provided materials must motivate readers to discuss the given thoughts.

17. Promote visual content via Pinterest. We all know that Pinterest is aimed at posting pictures, so you can create infographics or visual representation (for instance, about how to grow your email list) of your activity and post it via this site.

18. YouTube means. If you post video materials on your channel, you must know about “subscribe” and “like” calls to action. But you also can add links to the relevant landing pages in the video or to its description.

19. Arrange the contest. Ask your audience to create a video, photo, short texts etc. and encourage other followers to share their opinion. Reassure real prizes. At the same time make sure that your FB business page contains an opt-in section.

Best Ways to Build Email List with Your Website

20. Ask for testimonials from visitors. People love to share their opinion, especially when they know their feedback is welcomed. Maybe they still have questions as well, which can be answered via email.

21. Create a short registration form. After finding the place where to get email addresses for marketing, you may consider that you need to use the opportunity to gather the info about the potential customer. But people more likely will fill in the short list of questions where email is the main contact info.

22. Make the sign-up forms visible and available. Visitors do not have to dig your website in search of a place where they provide you with their address. Provide them with an additional reminder.

23. A/B test your texts. This is required to make sure that every aspect of your campaign is good. Also, this method will help you to identify possible problems.

24. Arrange a blog area. This is a good place to create relationships and set the communication with your audience and occasional visitors. The commenting option here can be available after providing an address.

25. Try guest blogging. You can benefit from other sites, blogs, and platforms for building an email marketing list by providing the call-to-action part with sign up offer.

26. Add a users’ review section. You can use customer testimonials as a proof of the quality and usefulness of your campaigns, product, and services. Share the most interesting and meaningful reviews on social media and other platforms.

27. Sign up scroll boxes and pop-ups. While looking through any page the visitor can skip the sign-up form, so add such features to your website in order not to miss the potential customers.

Partnership and Traditional Marketing for List Growing

28. Use partners’ sites to run your own promotions. Along with guest blogging, you can increase your email list growth using the audience of your partner’s website. The same can be done with their newsletters.

29. Create a co-marketing campaign with your partner. Share the work on the campaign with your partner and create a mutually beneficial opportunity for subscriber and customer exchange.

30. Live trade shows and own offline events. Such events can serve as database growing tool as well. You demonstrate your product in real time and people can show their interest by providing their contact info. Later you will be able to add them to your database. This is how to get email addresses for email marketing in real life.

31. Arrange a webinar. This is a great place for product and service demonstration as well as direct communication with your audience. Contact collecting thing can be done during the registration process.

32. Use QR codes on printed ads. This is how people will be able easily to go online and get more info after providing their email address. And in general printed materials can work for your campaign.

Mix Approaches While Building an Email Marketing List

As you can see, there are tons of opportunities to maintain the decent size and quality of your database. Many of tricks and methods are similar. However, minor differences mean you can adjust your actions to the particular case, the audience or the environment. In any case, you will never have to look for the solution where to get emails for marketing as you always will have the options that are specified in this article. Select the suitable ones and grow your business.

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