What are Automated Emails and Why You Should Send Them to Your Customers?

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One of the most frequently required tools in online business is an automated email. They can serve for various purposes, but the common thing is the vital need of this approach in order to cover all marketing and communication issues. Today we will take a closer look at this element of marketing life, that is common, but still often underestimated.

Definition of the Automated Emails

The main thing you need to know to understand the meaning of an automated email term is that such messages are delivered after the particular triggered action of the person from the address list. You just set the particular kind of automation, auto-responder or reminder, for instance, and the letters, messages, notifications are sent without your further participation. We all know such emails as we usually receive:

  • transactional emails after making a purchase, changing the password and so on;
  • marketing announcements like newsletters and promotional letters;
  • welcome messages after registration on the website;
  • “I’m currently out of the office” notifications and many more.

Moreover, automate email sending allows combining purposes of them like adding promotional info to the transactional email etc.

However, to make your automated emails successful you need to work on the following aspects:

  • relevance to the triggering action;
  • engaging in order to maintain the connection with the user and his/her interest;
  • brand-building should be taken into account as well.

But in what cases it will be appropriate? Let’s move forward.

Templates for 7 Cases When Automated Emails Can Be Used

Considering the fact that every type of business has its own peculiarities, we cannot cover all the possible cases where automated emails will be appropriate. However, we have collected 7 situations with templates, where this approach will be appropriate.

Welcome Email

Usually, companies set an automated follow up email to be delivered after registration etc. This is the base case when automation is required. They welcome new customer/user and serve as a validation method. Here is a simple template:


Thanks for signing up!

We are glad that you’re part of our community. Now you will stay in touch with news like:

  • New products and services;
  • Exclusive offers and deals;
  • Big updates and more…

Do not miss the next email!

New Content Notification Email

It will help to attract the attention to the new post or article and increase the engagement into your blog or site. Usually, while collection addresses, you promise the access to the exclusive content, and this is the opportunity to keep your word. Here is a suitable automated email message example:

[Your Logo]

Thanks for downloading the [piece of content] earlier!

It is definitely useful for creating engaging, airtight blog posts every time you hit publish.

We have upgraded the article and added a few more useful tips with understandable examples.


Stay tuned for more updates.

See you soon,


Delivering Discounts Email

Whether it is an individual case or the promotion campaign, you can automate the process of notification about providing discounts and special offers to your audience. It can be delivered after registration or providing an address in exchange of the discount.

[Your Logo]

Your discount is here!

Thanks for signing up! We want to thank you for your interest and express our gratitude with a promo code for a 20% discount for any product in our store.


Use this code at checkout to get the discount.

See you soon,

[Your Name/Signature]

Automated Customer Service Emails

Nobody is 100% protected from the errors in the system and the human factor of the service performance. That is why you need to take care of an automated message that will be delivered in case of complaints. This is a great option for small companies without a special support team.


Thank you for informing us about the problem. We have started our work on fixing it and you will be notified about the results within 24 hours.

In the meantime, in case you have any other questions, please check out our FAQ section.

[Company] Support Team

Social Media Promotion Email

If you want to widen your social media audience and set the communication within that channel as well, you can encourage your subscribers to visit your business page. It is good for leveling up the brand awareness and all news will be delivered to the audience faster, than via email, for instance. Try out this automated email response template:


Thanks for subscribing to our blog! We also want to invite you to follow us on social media and receive exclusive content or find out about new offers faster.

[Facebook link]

[Twitter link]

[Instagram link]

[YouTube link]

See you there,


Email That Highlights the Best Content

As new subscribers, people not always may know the best parts of your blog. Whether it is personal or company blog, you may definitely have the best posts that contain cutting-edge or useful in any time articles. Or it can be the automated generated email that is based on a person’s preferences specified earlier.


Thanks for subscribing to our blog! Since now you will get notifications about every new post so you will never miss anything interesting.

Our next article will be out in two days, but for now, you can check our favorite posts that have become very useful to the most of our subscribers:


  • [Title of the article with the link] + [the outstanding feature];
  • [Title of the article with the link] + [the outstanding feature];
  • [Title of the article with the link] + [the outstanding feature].


Our team is sure that these articles will change your worldview as well.



App Promotion Email

Automated email marketing can be used for your app promotion, in case you have one. You will have more downloads and improve the lives of your subscribers as well. They will have a convenient way to follow your site or conduct any other business with your application. And you will have wider coverage.

Welcome to [Company Name]!

Maybe you don’t know, but we have our own app that can make your user experience more effective and convenient. You can check new items, estimate useful features, read our blog and get notified about new offers faster. And all these in one place!

The [Name] app is available for Android and iOS:


  • [Link to Google Play page];
  • [Link to App Store page].


Best regards,

[Company Signature]

These cases are the most common ones, however, there are much more situations where you can use automation in emailing with your customers. And a lot of automated email responses can be individually defined by the business specifications.

Reasons to Implement Automated Emails into Your Business

Top services and marketers cannot be wrong, so automated approach is more than reasonable considering today realities. Here are a few of them:

  1. Time-saving purposes. This is the main reason automation has come to our lives from the very beginning. In the working conditions when you need to cope with multitasking, opportunity to delegate a few tasks to the services and programs is priceless. Invest your time in creating and testing campaign and typical messages and then save days and months.
  2. Maintaining relationships with your audience. Automation helps you in organizing your communication. Also, you get the opportunity to learn more about your audience and protect every particular receiver from getting irrelevant or duplicated messages. And automated birthday emails can have a great positive influence on your reputation.
  3. Increase your revenue. Analyzing the behavior of your audience, you can pick the most active and interested ones and focus your efforts on encouraging their purchase and another conversion. Moreover, you can deliver info about similar or relevant products to them as well.
  4. Organizing benefits. Email marketing tools have plenty of features that help not only save your time, but also optimize it. For instance, there is an option of setting a calendar or plan future delivery in order to fit in the suitable time zone. You can deal with other tasks while the software sends email automated responses.
  5. Leveling up brand awareness. Thanks to the wide range of communication opportunities, you can turn every email into an influential and informative message that will display values of your company. Moreover, thanks to the regular delivering of the relevant letters and notifications, you encourage your customers to think of you more often.
  6. Quick estimation of results. Automation tools will also give you an insight into the campaign results. You will be able to analyze the open and click rates, compare them to other emails and eventually design the suitable strategy.

Of course, automated emails cannot automatically provide you with quick success. But it can drastically enhance the productivity of your marketing activity, combined with other proper approaches.

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