Antispam Policy

Last updated: 19 June 2017

Being a customer of Remail you confirm your agreement with positions of Remail EULA, PP and confirm to follow this AASUP which regulate the terms of usage of our service considering the rules mentioned below.

Every text must meet the demands, regulations and laws of the place you, Remail or the receiver are located. You have permission to distribute campaign emails only if you are not prohibited to contact with the definite emails.

The next described activities are prohibited by Remail and are considered to be infringement of this policy. The following situations are provided for instance and can be changed anytime as long as the following list is not exhaustive.

    • absence of providing one of the listed business message or absence of compliance within three days any answer of the receiver who was not contacted;
    • absence of including your actual email address or the link to the text of message;

sending from list of distribution/group or role addresses like [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] or similar;

  • sending letter that create not allowed amount of bounces;
  • attempt of hiding the amount of bounces which was the result of Remail activity;
  • using unreal identity or fictional names, false identity of nicknames;
  • sending letters that may generate spam or UCE detection (even in cases the email letters do not contains any);
  • address or transmission path;
  • sending any content providing links to malware, trojans, worms and existing viruses or dangerous software, apps or programs;
  • attempt to mask the subject, origin of the definite letter or fabrication of subject headers, actual email;
  • applying Remail services in order to conduct harassing or unrequested activity (both commercial or any other) involving but not restricted to uninvited or unwelcomed texting, SMS or calls as well as voicemails or faxes.

If you have become a witness of or suspect anybody violating this Policy, place inform Remail at [email protected]. Remail will fix the wrong action in strict following of the existing Policy as well as other regulations.

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