7 Tips to Create Gorgeous Email Marketing Content Strategy

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Whether you work on your first email marketing content strategy or trying to improve the existing one, you likely face problems of the unlimited list of tasks to cover. But you do not have to panic about it as this is a usual practice for those marketers, who take into account specifications of their audience.

The main thing many marketers ignore is the expectations of their subscribers. As soon as you managed to get them, you automatically promise them you will provide them with interesting and relevant info. To do so, you need to plan everything in advance starting with a topic and ending with scheduling.

What Is Email Marketing Content Strategy?

This term refers to controlling of any kind of media that you or your company makes. It can be in the video, audio or written form and can be performed on the web-resource or in downloadable format. Strategy at this point is the important part of the general marketing plan that is aimed at the promotion of your product or service as well as displaying your expertise in the particular industry.

Content creation is an important part of a business growth process. To make an effective plan, you need to consider the following aspects:

  • What type of audience will be interested in your materials? You need to study your typical subscribers to provide relevant and valuable info that will help them in their business and life.
  • What problem do you need to solve in your texts and videos? Defining this, you will be able to find the required topics. You can educate people or show them another way of doing something etc. Your main task here is to make your subscriber’s life easier.
  • How to be unique? You definitely have competitors and one more challenge here is to stand out of the crowd in order to persuade your audience to follow your materials instead of your competitors’ ones.
  • What formats will be the main for you? Videos, podcasts or posts in your blog? This will depend on the topic you cover and the specifications of your audience.
  • What channels you will use? You can share new medias or articles via your own channels like website, blog or business page on Facebook. But also you can create guest posts or publish your articles on other platforms.
  • Who you will delegate the content creation? Delegate the managing process to the person who will know what to do and will be able to solve any issues.

Why Do We Need this Strategy?

One of its major benefits is the website traffic that is received thanks to the published data. This means you have more visitors and higher chances to get new clients as a result. Even one decent post in your blog can bring you a regular organic traffic flow and provided materials will help in generating leads.

As long as you have a stable source of traffic, you can not only constantly get new leads, but also add some new features to your general marketing strategy. You will be able to get revenue from publishing guest posts, promotions and so on. At the same time, you will continue educating your leads and leveling up their brand awareness.

Email Marketing Content Strategy Creation: Tips

Below you will find recommendations that cover both well-known and unusual aspects of email newsletter content strategy planning. Learn them and implement in your work as soon as possible to experience a significant growth in traffic and popularity in general.

  1. Defining goals. You need to realize that your strategy must be built around one main goal you want to achieve. This will help you in searching for the right direction for selecting topics, type of materials etc. Moreover, as soon as you define it, you will be able to create content that will be laconic and meaningful at the same time. So before starting working on your plan, answer questions like:
      • what do you want to achieve? What is your main task and what are the secondary ones?
      • why do you need any content?
      • how it will help you in your task?
  2. Finding your target audience. Without covering this, you just randomly shoot in the sky without any particular aim. This approach cannot lead to success anyway. You need to focus your content on the target readers or viewers and they are the reason you create something in the first place. So before writing an article or shooting the video, you need to make sure that this will help your audience.

Moreover, as soon as you defined your audience, you have to keep studying it in order to segment your materials and provide more specific info to different types of your readers/viewers.

  1. Language and engaging topics. This part is connected with the previous one. As soon as you define your target readers, you can approximately define their language. Common language means a lot in building relationships. Moreover, you will be able to present a solution from the required perspective. For instance, for marketers, it will be interesting to know the process of solving the problem, while CEO will be more interested in the promised final results.

Moreover, using the particular figures of speech and approaches, you will make your content more engaging and understandable.

  1. Editorial calendar. This is an important tool for organizational purposes. Firstly, it will help to publish your materials consistently. You will be able to control and visualize the volume and scheduling. You can plan your publications in advance and combine different types of content for different groups of readers or purposes. Moreover, it will help you to keep up with the current events and holidays.

Secondly, it is good for teamwork. When everything is gathered in one place, all your teammates will be able to see how things are going and control their contribution in the process.

  1. Storytelling. Not always you need to set the topic and write an article about it using available theoretical materials. Take a look at storytelling opportunities instead. In fact, this method of information sharing can be even more effective and encourage the reader not only to keep reading but also share the engaging story afterward. You can include your own experience, or explain something using outside examples.
  2. Keywords. They are important for optimization in order to reach as many visitors as possible. SEO covers almost every aspect of the marketing email strategy. Apart from sending links to your subscribers, your traffic depends on how often you are found by the search engines. However, you also need to take care of relevance and the quality of your materials.
  3. Testing. It may sound obvious, but testing of your strategy will help you to improve it. Deep insights into your open and unsubscribe rates, a number of complaints etc. can show you the direction for improvements. By sending two types of content to the subscribers of the one group you will be able to analyze what layout, approach, and the format is welcomed and which one is not.

Reach Success with Decent Content Strategy

Sure thing, we cannot guaranty any sure-thing success to our readers. Creating the email content strategy can be time-consuming and this process requires a lot of patience. You likely will face difficulties and make some mistakes before defining the approach that is right for you. But these tips are definitely a good thing for your next email marketing plan. By implementing them you will see new opportunities for enhancing the quality of your content and engage more and more people.

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