50 Powerful Selling Words and Phrases

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Communicating with people, we all must understand that the quality of it depends on the words we use. They have a big power, especially when you have a definite purpose in your message. Due to this fact in the marketing industry, where it is important to have the particular effect on the audience, there are numerous lists with words that sell.

We decided to share our list as well because we are sure every person that has a deal with sales must know how to convey the particular idea with the available tools – words. The right usage of them can increase your results and help in building the relationships while ignoring will lead to decreasing of your selling potential.

How to Use Words That Sell Right?

Some marketers and copywriters get confused after reading such articles as they start thinking that they now are obliged to use power words for sales in every message. Well, this is pretty true. But every approach must me well-thought first, so you need to define the idea and the emotion you want to bring up. Here is an example of how usage of the right words and phrases can change the whole feeling of the message:

“The discount is available for one day.”

Well, let’s add some feeling of urgency and make the reader feel special as well.

“This special discount proposition will be available only until tomorrow. Act now!”

See the difference? Of course, it is important not to overuse emotional selling words, but to add them to highlight the parts of your message that are valuable to the reader.

List of Top Selling Words and Phrases

checklist of selling words and phrasesWe have collected results of studies from our colleagues, competitors and our own experience and have collected these 50 sales words and phrases that can help you in your selling tasks.

  1. Act now – this will encourage a reader to provide a quick answer due to the time-limited offer.
  2. Amazing/incredible – the feeling of getting something extraordinary to attract people, but until the moment you start using it in every email, so do not overuse it.
  3. And – as the substitution for “but” will show you taking into account some facts and offer the solution instead of ignoring the reader’s feeling crossing them out with “but”.
  4. Bargain – the signal of a good deal for the buyer on fair terms.
  5. Because – a strong sales word that provides a reason to pay attention to your offer and there are more chances to get the attention.
  6. Bestsellers – people usually want to know what products are popular to keep up with trends, and the word-of-mouth power is still a thing in a marketing world.
  7. Be the first – here’s one more chance to make your reader feel special, providing the preview of the new products.
  8. Breakthrough – show that your solution is something new for the customers.
  9. Caused by – this phase and similar ones provide the logical reason to buy the product.
  10. Complimentary – the same meaning as “free” attract people.
  11. Convenient – you offer to make the buyer’s life easier and it more likely makes him pay attention to your message.
  12. Discover – people are curious by their nature and they like new things that can be revolutionary and beneficial to their lives, so such sales power words encourage their inner child.
  13. Do – use this word instead of “try” and show your strong confidence in your product.
  14. Easy – use the direct word to demonstrate that your product can enhance the reader’s level of life and encourage the purchase.
  15. Elite – feeling special is what we all love, and using some so special, available to the limited amount of people is desirable.
  16. Everything included/everything you need – these key selling words will help to send the message that your offer is the best thing the person can find among similar offers to reach their goals.
  17. Flash sale – both urgency and benefits from an advantageous deal.
  18. Free – as we already have mentioned, the appealing features of this word cannot be overestimated.
  19. Guaranteed – create a safe environment where the deal provides benefits for sure without any risks.
  20. How to… – display that you are interested in the reader’s well-being, not only for selling purposes.
  21. Huge – it is hard to resist a big discount and an extraordinary offer.
  22. Imagine – make the person the part of the world you want to create with the product you sell.
  23. Instant – no one loves waiting for so immediate access to something is attractive.
  24. Introducing – show that you are sharing new content with the potential buyer.
  25. Join – offer to become a part of the community.
  26. Last chance – urgency with the appealing offer is irresistible.
  27. More – show why your offer is more beneficial than your competitors’ ones.
  28. Never – this trigger word for sales works great when showing “negative benefit” like “never waste your time again”.
  29. New – this intriguing for curious personalities and as “free” catches their attention.
  30. No obligation – again, the safe environment without any risks – seems like a great deal to the buyer.
  31. Now – it has two sides: showing the urgency and encourage the quick purchase or displaying that the person does not have to wait long for the desired product.
  32. Powerful – let the people know that your service or product is dependable.
  33. Premium – this word adds the meaning of the high quality.
  34. Proven – again, you offer not only dependable but checked and approved service or product.
  35. Opportunity – this can be a good substitution for the negative connotation of the word “problem”, so instead of “solve the problem” use the phrase “opportunity for improvement”.
  36. Or – provide a few options for the reader and you will raise your chances to get a positive response.
  37. Real results – people need proofs that the offer is beneficial.
  38. Remember – in a busy world, it is important to send some reminders like a limited offer or similar.
  39. Sale – classical advertising trick from the top-selling words that still work.
  40. Safe and effective – one more phrase that adds the secure feeling about the possible deal.
  41. Save – people do not like to waste money and time so they are in a constant search for the ways to save their resources.
  42. Secret – being the one who reveals the mystery is always exciting, especially when it is some kind of secret for success.
  43. Should we…? – you provide a suggestion to the reader and avoid some pushing phrases like “you should”.
  44. Thank you – show your appreciation for the real actions or the possible ones.
  45. The – this article highlights that you offer the ultimate thing like “The Solution”.
  46. Tips – you share some valuable info and show how your product or service can be handy in real-life situations.
  47. Value – keep in mind that the reader usually concentrates on the benefits rather than features, so go straight to the point using such sales motivational words.
  48. Wealth – this is the desired goal for many people, so if your offer is related to this topic, show it.
  49. You/your – speak directly to the reader and point out that you know exactly his or her problems.
  50. 100% money-back guarantee – one more “no-risk” phrase that encourages the trust.

How to Make Selling Words Work for You?

As we have mentioned above, the main part is to use them wisely. Do not underestimate the power of emotional words and phrases but also do not overwhelm the text with them. Also, knowing what words to use when selling, your next task will be to make them part of your usual writing vocabulary. Keeping them in mind all the time you work on the marketing email, you will express your message in an emotional way by showing readers what you want to show.

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