10 Reasons for Ignored Outbound emails

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You’ve likely faced the situation when your outreach email did not bring the expected results or was ignored completely. Maybe you also were among the ones who decided not to answer one. In this article, we are going to discuss what issues may result from the absence of the answer to your outreach emails. Also, those issues may be considered as checkpoints for improving your cold email campaign. Below we are going to study the 10 situations and recommendations for each.

Let’s face it, we cannot live without emails in today’s business world.

This service has become a great part of our everyday life in many aspects. Considering business, they imply even more personal interaction via social media. Also, we can get benefits from the constantly evolving field of social media communication and other means for similar purposes. Many business and work conversations were relocated to some of the available platforms or networks. Marketing fields are evolving as well, searching for new and far reaching opportunities. But email remains at the top position!

We can point out the following advantages of email compared with social platforms:

  • Click rates are higher – emails get more attention in comparison with publications on social media.
  • Conversions are higher – as soon as you are able to add some personal attributes to the automated emails, your subscribers will receive the info more likely valuable for them.
  • Closer and direct interaction – in B2B or B2C activities, emails lead to more noticeable and impressive results.
  • Cost effective – email marketing requires less financial expenses as well as it is easier to use. Its ROI, according to the national client email report, is 3800%.

Also, it is important to understand that emails and social media serve different purposes. Emailing can be good at more direct and targeted communication, while social media is better at engaging and informing the audience. Social platforms are good for achieving some marketing goals. But if you are aimed towards getting leads and converting them into sales or opportunities to make some, then go ahead and use emailing approach. Quality designed email outreach can be a good start for your business growth. But there may be a case when you do not observe the expected results of your email campaign. In such situations, you need to realize that not emailing itself is an issue here, but the way you operate with it.

Do not lose your spirit! Below you will get the chance to study common mistakes in email marketing, and you will be provided with solutions for these cases.

1. You are focused on yourself in your message

The first thing you need to realize is that outbound emails must be focused on the receiver. Everything here works the same as in a live conversation. When you start talking about yourself only, your reader will not be able to understand what the point of your interaction is. More likely, he or she will be looking for an opportunity to leave. The same thing in emails – if it is focused on you, the receiver will be confused, trying to figure out why you have sent this message.

Here are some tips for improvement:

Change the course of your thought by answering the following questions:

  • What is my purpose of contacting this person?
  • What can I offer via this email?
  • What benefits can I offer to the recipient?

Do not waste your time and space for long introductions about your personality. Get to the point and describe the opportunities for the receiver. Give the reason to keep reading this email.

Focus on using “you” instead of “I.” Try to maintain a balance between talking about you and your interlocutor. You are the one who asks for attention, to get the reader interested by talking about his matters.

2. Too much text and complicated requests

It is not a secret that every person in the world is busy in their own way. People always have something to do instead of reading your emails. Considering this, is it wise to waste your time on enormous emails? Even if the receiver starts reading, it is easy to lose the point. And your email will be deleted. But in case you have managed to write something interesting, the lack of time may lead to postponing, but in the end, forgetting about your message entirely.

You must realize that receiving and reading emails, are not the only things people do. And if they see the complicated request from the stranger, they will likely ignore it. It is like when you are asked to read and review the book of the complete stranger. Will you spend your time on this? The same thing is when you ask to check the info about the company on its website. You should rather write a brief list instead.

Here are some tips for improvement:

  • Be understanding. This tip is good not only for business but for everyday life as well.
  • Think about other person’s time, and write a short but meaningful email.
  • Do some research and write about things that can be interesting to the receiver or about ways you can help him or her. The more effort you put into this, the easier it will be for the reader to reply.

For instance:
If you are going to talk about a number of things, make a marked list of them to simplify the answering process. If you want to express your ideas as an answer to someone’s blog post, again, create a list of clear statements and offer to choose from it.

3. Your statements are groundless

You only use the regular phrases like:

– I like your projects.
– I like to read your blog.
– Your company is very important to us.

Even if you really mean what you are saying, it still needs to be proven. The same thing with statements like:

– I am the expert in this field.
– I have impressive experience.
– I have achieved good results and many people appreciate my work.

We all want to be sure we are not fooled, so pay some attention to back up your claims. Here are some tips for improvement:

Provide proof. If your claim was about your love of the job, provide some reasons why and how it is relevant to your offer. If it is about the blog, provide some references and connect them to your offer.

Also, in case you are a real fan of someone’s blog, you had probably subscribed to it and had some activity there. There may be the reposts of some articles on the social platforms and so on. Your previous activity will serve as proof itself.

If you are talking about yourself, start from the evidence immediately. Give the reader reasons to spend some time on considering your offer.

4. The lack of personalization

Here are the common mistakes:

  • You apply the same templates in order to send emails to many receivers.
  • Your emails start with “Hello” or “Hi” without adding a name.

And now recall that feeling you get when you receive an email that is obviously generic. You more than likely removed it from your mailbox without even paying attention to the message. There is not even an opportunity to find out what the person is writing to you about and whether she or he is worth your trust. Also, such emails make you think, “Why should I waste my time on a person who does not do the same for me?”

Here are some tips for improvement:

  • Focus on quality rather than quantity.
  • The opposite attitude will lead you to the spam or trash with other similar lazy marketers.
  • In order to level up the quality of your email outreach, work on creating 10 personalized messages instead of 100 standard ones, and you will be impressed by the results.

There is nothing wrong in the usage of templates. They can serve a great deal in time saving. However, they all must be personalized eventually. Follow these recommendations:

  • Send your messages to personalized addresses.
  • Find out the name of the recipient and mention it a few times in the email.
  • Add the name of the company in the “subject” as well as mention it in the email main body.
  • Do some research on their latest achievements and write a few pleasant words about it.
  • Find out what you have in common and mention this as well.
  • Pay attention to your offers to make sure they are relevant to the receiver.
  • Tell them how you can be useful in fixing their weak spots.

5. They do not know anything about you

When cold emailing, you are trying to reach out to strangers. That is the main principle of the cold emailing itself. The point here is how you can improve this outreach campaign.

If we will take a look at the Email Marketing Benchmark Report, we can see that the most common open rate is about 25% while minimal one is about 17%. If you seek to improve these numbers, you need to focus on inventing the approaches for creating a stronger connection with the target people. Learn more about them before your campaign.

Here are some tips for improvement:

  • Do not start your emails with leads immediately, but spend some time on introducing yourself.
  • Do not ask for something in your message. You need to understand that the main purpose now is to let them know about your existence. You can create some bonds by pointing out common or mutually beneficial aspects.

It can be a great start for the relationships with your potential partner. Your next email will be accepted more as the receiver will know who you are. Follow your targets on social platforms and provide them with your activity (likes, comments, sharing). Give them more chances to remember you. If you have noticed a mistake in their content, you can write them a kind message about that as well. Your help will likely be appreciated.

For more impressive results, find an opportunity to contact the person in real life. It can be some business meetings, conference calls, etc. The human approach can serve a great deal for your future success. Even the simplest phone call can incline the person to pay attention to you.

6. Typos ruin the good impression

It is easy to let slide with some typos, but it will ruin your message for the recipient entirely. That is a result of living in a fast lane without having time for proofreading. But you have spent so much time on developing your email, so it would be a pity to crack it with some foolish mistakes. People automatically consider emails with typos unworthy. It can be a signal of the lack of professionalism and responsibility. Here are some tips for improvement:

  • Spend a few minutes double-checking your email.
  • Automatic checkers are good but not perfect, and they can miss some mistakes the human eye will detect. As an example, they may confuse the proper usage of “your” and “your’re” in sentences.

Artificial intellect can truly help us in many issues and give some good recommendations, but for now we cannot rely on it unconditionally.

7. The absence of follow ups

Your outreach email remains unanswered? In many cases, marketers consider such leads as unnecessary ones. But think of this: when you are busy but do not want to forget to do something, you set a reminder. So why not become one for your prospect? Persistence can be rewarded. Do not think that by using this approach you will show your weakness or make yourself look needy. Many receivers will appreciate your follow up.

Here are some tips:

  • you have all rights to follow up the person until getting any answer (both affirmative or negative).
  • write a few follow ups and send them periodically. Set a three-day term for the second message, a weekly one for the next, and so on. The more follow ups you send, the longer you need to wait between them (up to three weeks or even a month).

You need consider not whether you should send the follow up, but whether it is the right person you are trying to reach. It means you need to make sure this is the lead you need and who can be interested in your services to provide you with opportunities.

8. Buying a pre-made list of emails

It may seem like a good idea, especially for time-saving issues. But what is the cost of such “convenience?” Here are some pitfalls:

  • People in this list are likely not relevant to your activity.
  • They may be not interested in your proposition.
  • Most of them may reject such emails in general.
  • Addresses can be abandoned.
  • Personal data can be out-of-date.

But these things are not the full list of problems. Such approaches can compromise you as a respectful marketer. Here is the main tip:

Create your own contact list. You are the only person who can choose the potentials properly as you know best about what you need. You will see how perfectly designed lists will bring you quality partners.

You can do research using several available options. For small businesses or when outreaching ones, you can use a well-known internet search engine. For bigger purposes and with bigger target numbers, you can add some automated tools for selecting addresses according to your requirements.

One of the tools that can be helpful is our service, which I often use personally. Also, you can try FindThatLead. It is up to you what option to select, but the main point is that you need to control and adjust the search in accordance with your offers, business field, and other parameters. Automated tools may use the keyword search to pick off some variants. You can also get the verification of the emails and find out the personal details of your leads.

9. Your offer is not interesting to the particular lead

You might succeed in preparing your email. The subject choice is perfect, there are no mistakes and the text is short and meaningful. But still, you do not get any satisfying results. You may get discouraged or even give up. But stop being too critical to your email and consider whether you are reaching the right audience. If you did not, the receiver will reject your email simply because he or she is not interested in it. Here are some tips:

  • As soon as you notice that your choice of audience is wrong, take a few steps back and reconsider your actions in this respect.
  • Ask yourself a question: What service or product are you offering that can have a great impact on your lead’s activity?
  • Determine what size and fields of companies can really be interested in your offers.
  • You can either adjust your offer to the receiver’s needs or start trying to reach other people.

Also, you can change your target market entirely. You might be impressed with the growth of your open and reply rate after this. But first, you need to do some A/B testing to make sure the selected parameters are suitable. And this brings us to the last reason.

10. You neglect to test your emails

In cases when you send emails without previous testing, you risk repeating the same mistake in a number of texts. And you will not even be able to check what you are doing wrong. Discovering mistakes may be discouraging, but you need to think about it as an opportunity for professional growth. Every audience has its own peculiarities and preferences. Without proper testing, you do not have a chance to check whether your perfectly designed message is relevant to receivers.

Want to get the tip? Use A/B testing! Start with one and analyze the bad and good aspects of it. While testing you can choose the following parameters:

  • Subject line – change the subject line and analyze which ones work better.
  • The body – you can estimate the properness of size, formatting and style choice.
  • Call-to-action – apply various CTAs in order to pick off the better ones.
  • Personalization – check whether you have used the mane of the receiver as well as other important personal details.
  • Images – try emails that contain pictures and the ones which do not.

Also, discover which metrics are the most problematic. If it is about the open rate, then work on improving the subject line in order to attract readers. Is conversion the issue? Then you need to investigate the body of the email or CTAs.

The bottom line

If you are aimed at enlarging your business, email outreach can serve a great deal. It can be helpful in converting leads, improving sales rates, and creating business connections. And if you do not see any results you just need to revise your approach. Use the mentioned above mistakes as a check-list to improve and your campaign.

Share your opinion on the outreach subject. Did you find this list useful to you and your business? Did you recognize some of the mistakes you have made in the past? How do you work on their elimination?

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