10 Examples of the Best Professional Email Signatures for Business Growing

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Emailing is the activity where every existing opportunity should be used. Today we are talking about a professional email signature and how it can help in growing your business. Why is it so important? Firstly, it is usually included in every letter you send out. It contains your contact info and every receiver knows how to reach you. Moreover, using this tool you can share some info like a link to your website, subscription page and so on.

Common Mistakes in Professional Signatures for Email

Not every signature can be good for business. Some people make critical or not-so-critical mistakes, that in any case can spoil the impression of your email or the added signature simply will not work. Let’s take a look at some typical issues.

  1. Too much of contact info.

You may consider that adding all possible contact info to the business email signature is a good idea, but in fact, it is not. The receiver of your email will be overwhelmed and eventually can decide not to call or write you at all. Moreover, when your signature contains too many lines with different ways of reaching you, it looks like you are desperate. You can add a few points instead and highlight which way of communication is preferable to you and which one you regularly use.

  1. Image as a signature.

Say “No” to images as a signature. In case you want or really require it, provide the alt text for every image you add to your email including signature. The fact is that many devices and even desktop browsers block “unnecessary” graphical data and your subscribers and other receivers of emails will not see any signatures at all. So in order to avoid such risks, create professional email signature examples with formats that are readable in any case.

  1. Ignoring design for small screens.

As the vast majority of the emails now are read on mobile devices, it is important to make sure that every element of your message including signature will be visible and readable. You can measure this parameter with your thumb. If it is possible to scroll and click on the link or phone with your thumb, then it is okay for mobile screens. Remember about font as well. The preferable size here is 11-14 points.

  1. Adding unnecessary info.

Sure, this approach can be good for leveling up the conversion and gaining new readers to your blog. However, every link in the professional signature for email communication has to be up-to-date and relevant to the content of the message and receiver’s interest. Adding irrelevant info can steal the attention from the important data. Moreover, you will look unprofessional if the reader goes to the page that has not been updated for months.

  1. Sticking to the traditional closing.

Guides like “How to do it right” usually offer some decent tips. However, some traditional recommendations do not work as well as they did before. Now closings like “Best regards” or “Sincerely yours” do not attract the quality attention. They hide your personality and put to the crowd instead. So do not be afraid of being creative, however, be aware in order not to offend someone’s feelings.

  1. Usage of multiple fonts.

Experimenting with fonts, styles, colors – design in general – is good. That is how you will be able to develop your own style. However, too much experimenting is not good. Try to use no more than 2-3 different fonts or choose the one proper professional email signature font. Otherwise, you risk looking childish and tasteless.

  1. Personal quotes and disclaimers.

This is also not a good idea. The only exception can be writers. However, they need to have a decent reason to so as well. Disclaimers have the same level of inappropriateness in email signatures. In case you really want to add the one, make it no longer than a few lines and provide the link to the full version of the info.

This is not a complete list of the mistakes. However, these ones appear more frequently to our experience. Since you will eliminate the number of the mentioned cases, you likely will be closer to success.

How to Make a Decent Business Email Signature: “Dos” with Examples

Now we are going to underline some important aspects and best practices you need to remember while writing your business signature for the email.

Simple professional design

Make sure your signature is not more than 7 lines and contains only main contact info. Add social media icons instead of text links. Make sure that chosen design is acceptable in your business industry. However, do not be afraid of creative details and defining the best font for your case. Emphasize links with a different color but stick to one style. Remember that using of more than 2-3 fonts is not professional touch here. The main task here is providing info. Test everything on mobile screens and adapt text and images to be visible in any case.

Links to the blog or site of your company

Whether you are sending email from your company’s address, or your personal one, take advantage of the chance to add the relevant link. The receiver of your email is already online so why not to give him or her opportunity to visit your website and get more information. Adding a link to website or blog helps to maintain the interest and engagement of the reader. You can include text or image link (remember about alt text in this case) to your professional signatures for email. It can direct to the home page or to the definite relevant page or blog post.

Social media connections in email signature

If your Facebook or Twitter profiles are used for business purposes, why not to include them in your signature as well? Moreover, if you update them regularly with the relevant content, it is a good marketing channel. It can be either personal profile or your company’s page. That is how your subscribers will be aware they can follow you on other platforms as well. And you will increase the traffic.

The other important aspect is adding the icons of the social networks with the links. Readers will immediately analyze the visual data and get the message. Also, such approach helps to save space.

Upcoming events and the new content

Updating business email signatures regularly you can be sure it contains only relevant info. So why not to use the opportunity to include the info about upcoming events? That is how you will follow the life of your company and help your readers to stay tuned as well. All you need is to create a simple banner that will direct the receiver of the email to the landing page with the more detailed information.

Adding references to the new content can also be done via the attractive banner. Even the simple link will work. The main rule in both situations is to maintain the coherence between the content of the email and the additional information in your signature.

Promoting new business offers and free stuff

This is among the professional email signature ideas many marketers ignore. If your email is used for the cold emailing or for regular subscribers, you can use this tool to inform them about recent offers they can be interested in. What if you have prepared something for new customers or developed the loyalty program for the old ones. Write about it! It is the mutually beneficial approach. Your readers become aware of the new opportunities and you boost your website traffic and sales.

Promoting yourself

The stories of your success are worth sharing. Or maybe you have some new testimonials on the LinkedIn from the reputable clients. This helps you to promote your services, products, and personal achievements, especially if you are a freelancer or running the business on your own for now. Share case studies and other examples of your works.

Include an up-to-date call-to-action in company signatures

This is a smart trick as the company email signature marks the end of the letter and it is logically to encourage some real actions. However, it should not be pushy. Just add a simple phrase that follows the general style of the signature and looks like “P.S.” section. CTA has to correlate with your business goals. So make regular updates to this section.

Trackable links as an idea for professional email signature

It may sound obvious, but according to many cases in our industry, marketers may forget to check the “trackability” of the added links. In the end, they do not get the results and wonder why. However, all they need to do is to check the signature before starting sending emails. Find the understandable guide how to create trackable links. Do not be afraid to change styles of links from time to time in order to define the working variants.

Mobile friendly signature

Above we have already discussed that ignoring mobile devices is a common mistake. However, we are here to learn how to make a professional email signature so it is good to remind yourself once more about it. You need to test the existing variants to make sure all fonts, images, and links are displayed properly on mobile devices (both via mobile browser and the applications). Is it convenient to scroll and click on the signature with a thumb? Place the icons and links in the way you will not accidentally click on the wrong one.

Make sure you are following the local laws

In order to avoid legal problems with the authorities of the countries you are working in, study the existing laws considering the info that has to be in the email signatures. For example, according to the laws of Netherlands, you need to mention the company name, registration number, location, office and other info. The requirements may vary, so make sure that your variant does not violate one law while following another.

Bottom Line

Considering the fact that emails are the most used way of communication, especially in the business sphere, we need to take everything from its elements. As we can see, the email signatures have a big potential including simple informing as well as revealing your personal qualities. If you work well on it you can grow the brand awareness and site traffic. You can stand out of the crowd and show your professionalism to your readers. We hope after reading this article you will find the answer to the question: what does a professional email signature look like? Study every given sample and compare them to yours. All you need is to make sure you are doing everything right and exclude the common mistakes.

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