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Automate and personalize cold email campaigns
Execute outreach and follow-up using email for inbound sales, outbound sales or Recruiting

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What’s Special?

Email Outreach & Follow-ups Automation

Automate outbound campaigns at scale and provide a better practice to your prospects. Get an opportunity to send a bunch of emails to diverse client lead lists to get a more leads.

Personalization for Each Contact

It’s difficult to get a reply on the mass mailing. But Remail will send personal emails from you, personalizing for each contact.

Finding of great practices and cloning

We will help to start and show how to find your best working templates. Start easily and quickly with pre-built templates in the Remail library.

Simple Engagement Platform for Everyone

Connect and manage sales process

Whether you are Sales Reps or account Executive or Success Manager, using Remail platform you can optimize
and adjust its work up to your needs and enables you to cover as many tasks as you need.

  • Sales Representatives
  • Advertisers & Marketers
  • HR & Recruiting

How Does it Work?


Grow and Manage your Customer Base

Recycle the database periodically, select those who have not responded previously using Remail smart filters, and launch a new campaign.


Design and Send your
Campaigns Quickly

Use Remail tool to personalize messages, set a schedule for sending. Set up follow-ups. Email throttling & human-like sending


Easily and quickly launch a campaign

Launch an email campaign in less than 10 minutes. Remail will send follow-ups to those who did not reply, and exclude those who responded.


Track & Analyze Detailed
Campaign Reports

Enable the A/B tests in the Campaigns. Compare and improve subjects, texts and content. Track the effectiveness of the launched campaign.

Key Reasons to Try Remail Tools

Remail leads to smart & easy selling based on a simple reply to the email. It’s a hacker in email marketing.

Always in Inbox

Always in Inbox

Unlike email marketing software for mass mailings, Remail sends emails on your behalf. Such emails always come in the Inbox folder and look like written personally to the recipient.

Team Interaction

Team Interaction

Monitor the team performance and share the valuable information with the members through Remail options.

Email Schedules

Email Schedules

Set up sending emails for your schedule. Specify the time zone and the hours in which you would like to send emails. Remail will remember and send emails according to the settings.

Statistics and Tracking

Statistics and Tracking

Be in touch with the progress of your campaign with detailed info and statistics you are provided by Remail tools.

Regular mailings rarely bring answers. But mailings through Remail constantly bring new customers.
— Vivien Coal

Email Marketer

Many thanks for Remail support. With their help, I've made an effective selling email sequence, which brought me new sales.
— Bob Stechschulte

Head of Sales

I was skeptical about the idea of cold emails but decided to try. Now we are using Remail for cross-sales and up-sales.
— Tom Roche


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