Need an answer from certain contacts? Launch email outreach campaign and reveal more time for yourself. Remail will get to them.
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What’s special?

Track and manage your campaign activity with Remail and achieve more.
Email outreach & Follow-ups automation

Easily reveal from 2 up to 10 hours per week from personal mailings. Spend more time for individual responses, calls, and meetings.

Personalization for each contact

It’s difficult to get a reply on the mass mailing. But Remail will send personal emails from you, personalizing for each contact. Such emails are hard to ignore.

Finding of great practices and cloning

We will help to start and show how to find your best working templates. Start easily and quickly with pre-built templates in the Remail library.

The Answer is Important in Any Work.

Everything new is well forgotten old. Today personal mailings give results, as in the 90s. While this way of email marketing is used by few – get your benefits. Book a personal live demo to discover more details.

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How Does it Works?

Squeeze Your Database

Recycle the database periodically, select those who have not responded previously using Remail smart filters, and launch a new campaign.

Use pre-made templates
or create your own

Select from well-tried and effective templates, customize them or create a brand new one. Test templates and choose the best one by results.

Easily and quickly
launch a campaign

Launch an email campaign in less than 10 minutes. Remail will send follow-ups to those who did not reply, and exclude those who responded.

Increase Performance

Analyze the effectiveness of campaigns, templates, and managers. Identify the best working practices, share and use them in future campaigns.

4 more reason to try Remail

Make use of the benefits Remail: increase your sales, save time and rise up your email outreach efficiency.
Email Schedules

Set up sending emails for your schedule. Specify the time zone and the hours in which you would like to send emails. Remail will remember and send emails according to the settings.

Save up to 10 hours per week

Writing personal emails and follow-ups take a lot of time. Pass the mailing of such emails to the Remail and reveal up to 10 hours for yourself each week.

Free Email Verification

The validity of email is one more detail that influences the success of the email campaign. For new users, we have a limited time offer: 25,000 email checks for free.

Always in Inbox

Unlike email marketing software for mass mailings, Remail sends emails on your behalf. Such emails always come in the Inbox folder and look like written personally to the recipient.

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