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Automate your email outreach and save its personalization features at the same time into inbound, outbound or communication with new or loyal customers.
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Improve sales

Sale Tools Have Never Been so Simple and Effective

Track and manage your campaign activity with Remail and achieve more.
Increase Effectiveness and
More Quality Deals

Automate outbound campaigns at scale and provide a better practice to your prospects. Get an opportunity to send a bunch of emails to diverse client lead lists to get a more leads.

Growth Intensify Visibility
in Your Mailbox

With Remail you can monitor who has opened the letter and when it has happened from emails to social channels and other handheld notes. Always test to get insights and increase your results.

Get Provided with Required Data
Using Email Tracking

Many tracking instruments provide the info about the opening but don't show by whom exactly. Using our assistance and tools you will get full data on this matter and know the person.

Connect and manage sales process

Simple Engagement Platform for Everyone

Whether you are Sales Reps or account Executive or Success Manager, using Remail platform you can optimize and adjust its work up to your needs and enables you to cover as many tasks as you need.

  • check Sales Representatives
  • check Advertisers & Marketers
  • check HR & Recruiting

Easy at Work

Quick emailing with automatic adjusting of email samples
Grow and Manage your Customer Base

We help you to find most valuable contacts from your database to talk with now. There is an option to sort audience up to their company name, working experience or other.

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Design and Send your Campaigns Quickly

Use platform’s tools to customize messages set the timetable for sending and store the info about people. Emails will be perceived as manually written ones.

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Track the Communication Easily

All the conversation will be saved and sorted automatically according to your folders so you will never lose the important thread.

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Track & Analyze Detailed Campaign Reports

Enable the A/B tests in the Campaigns. Compare and improve subjects, texts and content. Track the effectiveness of the launched campaign.

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Core Features

Make use of the benefits Remail: increase your sales, save time and rise up your email outreach efficiency.
Automatized Emailing

Widen your coverage and outreach with automatic features for campaign effectiveness improvements.

Contact Managing

Managing and targeting of the prospective customers contacts are easy to handle with Remail tools.

Team Interaction

Monitor the team performance and share the valuable information with the members through Remail options.

Statistics and Tracking

Be in touch with the progress of your campaign with detailed info and statistics you are provided by Remail tools.

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